Sexuality Education Aid

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Claudia's Kids

Claudia's Kids are sexuality education aids designed to assist children with cognitive disabilities in understanding their bodies. These soft dolls feature friendly, inviting faces; anatomically correct fingers, toes, and ears; and flaps on the stomach and back that open to reveal dimensional, realistic-looking organs and skeletal structures. Each doll also includes removable clothing, an organ finder backpack that stores a complete set of templates to allow children to explore the structures in

Learn About Life Program (Model Lal-21Q)

The Learn About Life Program, model LAL-21Q, is a picture-based sexuality education tutorial and sexuality education aid designed to teach the primary concepts of human sexuality to students 9 years of age and older who have cognitive disabilities. The program is comprised of six units which may also be purchased separately: Your Body, My Body, teaches basic human anatomy, issues of privacy and discretion, and appropriate and inappropriate touch. Anatomically correct plastic male and female fig

What People Wear (Model Pw-10Q)

What People Wear, model PW-10Q, is an independent living skills and sexuality education tutorial and sexuality education aid designed to introduce basic human anatomy and appropriate dressing concepts to students with cognitive disabilities. The program teaches students to select the appropriate clothing in the proper sequence for a variety of situations. The set includes an unbreakable, plastic People Figure Set, model PW-01F, (also sold separately, $14), 60 die-cut garments which can be affixe


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