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Gel Ovations Knee Buttons

The Gel Ovations Knee Buttons are knee protectors designed to prevent skin breakdown due to contact with metal legrest hardware. Sold in pairs, these gel protectors are available for manual fixed frame and elevating legrests. DIMENSIONS: 4.5 inches in diameter; 1.25 inches deep.

Leg Contracture Pad (Models 703080 &703082)

The Leg Contracture Pad is a legrest panel designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs and whose legs are in flexion contracture. This unit fits between the legrests between the seat and the footplates and has a firm foam-padded plywood base covered in wipe-clean vinyl. DIMENSIONS: Model 703080 feets 16-inch wheelchairs and model 703082 fits 18-inch wheelchairs.

Maxidy Calf Rests

Maxidy Calf Rests are legrest pads designed for use on wheelchairs. They are constructed of long-lasting, durable urethane foam and will fit on all types and models of wheelchairs. Maxidy Calf Rests are guaranteed to be rip-free, soft and comfortable. They are easily installed and all necessary hardware is included.

Orthocare Leg Brace

The Orthocare Leg Brace ##4045 is a leg positioner made of polyurethane foam. It has a contoured cavity to keep the leg in place, and may be used as a legrest pad for leg comfort when wearing a cast. The brace surrounds the leg on three sides with an open top, and extends from the ankle to the mid-thigh (of adults).

Polyester Wheelchair Pads (Models Msc019470, Msc019471, Msc019472, & Msc019473)

Polyester Wheelchair Pads are footplate (model MSC019470), calf (model MSC019471), armrest (model MSC019472), and seat / back (model MSC019473) pads designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. These soft, flame-retardant polyester pads protect and support the arms, legs, and feet. The pads are machine washable and do not mat. The calf, armrest, and seat / back pads are latex-free.

Sammons Preston Leg Rest Bumper For Wheelchairs (Model A748310)

The Leg Rest Bumper for Wheelchairs, model A748310, is a leg rest pad designed to protect the legs of wheelchair users from coming in contact with leg rest hardware. Made of foam laminated with a hook-and-loop-responsive soft material, these bumpers can be wrapped around leg rest uprights and other areas and can be trimmed to fit. DIMENSIONS: 4 x 15 inches.

Synthetic Sheepskin Wheelchair Accessories (Models 703010, 703020, 703040, & 703050)

The Synthetic Sheepskin Wheelchair Accessories are a set of wheelchair armrest and legrest pads and seat and back cushion covers designed to provide comfort and protection for people who use wheelchairs. All items are made of high-pile synthetic sheepskin and are nonallergenic. Model 703010 is a pair of wheelchair armrest pads, model 703020 is a wheelchair legrest pad that fits between and over the legrests, model 703040 is a pair of footrest pads, and model 703050 is a set of a wheelchair seat

Wheelchair Covering

The Wheelchair Coverings are decubitus pad and seat covers, armrest and legrest pads for wheelchairs designed for use by individuals with lower extremity and mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury and others who spend most of their time in wheelchairs. Made from Hitemp, urine resistant medical sheepskin, these pads help reduce the risk of pressure sores and ulcers and body aches. The pads are made separately to fit the seat, back and arms of the wheelchair. They are washable and are available

Wheelchair Leg Pad (Model 703070)

The Wheelchair Leg Pad, model 703070, is a legrest panel designed to prevent the user's legs from sliding off the footrests. These one-piece rigid-backed, vinyl-covered pads fit the entire width of the opening between the chair's legrests, preventing leg contact with metal wheelchair parts and providing comfort and cushioning when legrests are raised. These pads are designed for spray and wipe cleaning.

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