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Foot Pedal Attachments (Models Es-975 & Es-995)

Foot Pedal Attachments are wooden sandals which attach to a child's tricycle pedals with a small wood piece and bolts. Velcro straps hold the child's feet on the pedals, and the sandals have a plastic heel cuff to keep the rider's feet from slipping out. SIZES: Small (model ES-975) fit up to children's shoe size 12 and large (model ES-995) fit children's shoe size 12 through adult shoe size 5.

Hand / Wrist Straps (Model 6.5)

The Hand/Wrist Straps 6.5 are accessories for child tricycles by Consumer Care Products Inc. (See separate entries.) These fully adjustable leather straps with hook and loop fasteners are designed to position and support the child's wrists to keep the hands near to the handlebars. DIMENSIONS: 13 inches long. WEIGHT: Approximately 1 pound.

Tricycle Back Support (Model Es-950)

The Tricycle Back Support, model ES-950, is a motorcycle -style back support for child tricycles designed to provide increased support for children with minimal trunk control. The support is made of chrome plated steel tubing and has a curved plastic foam back rest and a nylon automobile-style seat belt attached. The base of the back support bolts easily to standard tricycles.

Tricycle Pommel (Model Es-925)

The Tricycle Pommel, ES-925, is designed for use on children's tricycles to help maintain abduction of the user's legs while riding. The pommel is made of plastic foam and snaps over the main frame tube in front of the seat; there are no screws, bolts, or buckles.

Universal Upper Trunk Support (Models 6C.1 & 6C.2)

The Universal Upper Trunk Support, models 6C.1 and 6C.2, are tricycle back support accessories for children with poor upper trunk balance designed to fit most child tricycles including those with vertical and horizontal frames. Features include a height adjustable Plastazote covered back pad with fabric chest positioning belt, and a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket will fit 3/4 to 1.5-inch round or square tricycle frames. DIMENSIONS: Model 6C.1 has an 18-inch upright; Model 6C.2 has a 24-i

Upright Tricycle Handlebars (Model Es-900)

Upright Tricycle Handlebars, model ES-900, are vertical handlebar attachments for children designed to promote better arm and back position while cycling. The handlebars fit standard tricycles and permit the child to use a vertical rather than horizontal palmar grasp to hold onto the handlebars. These handlebars are constructed of heavy gauge tubing with a chrome finish and plastic hand grips.

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