Electronic Thermostat

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Digital T87 Round Thermostat (Model Ct8775)

The Digital T87 Round Thermostat, model CT8775, is a digital thermostat designed for use by individuals with low vision. Temperature is adjusted by twisting a cover ring. As the ring is twisted, the user can feel and hear clicks that confirm the changes. The new temperature setting is registered on a large digital display. A backlight illuminates the display when a button is touched or when the dial is twisted. Heating mode is indicated by a flame icon; a snowflake indicates cooling mode. The te

X-10 Thermostat Setback Controller (Model Th2807)

Thermostat controller for use with The Thermostat Set-Back Controller, model TH2807, is an electronic thermostat controller that allows the user to automate and control all the thermostats in the house, making it possible to schedule heating or air conditioning to turn on only for the hours when it is needed.

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