Bolster Chair

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Bolster Chairs (Models B3, B3C, B3Ccs, B4, B4C, & B4Ccs)

Bolster Chairs, models B3 through B4CCS, are adjustable chairs with attached desks for children with neurological or severe physical disabilities up to 48 inches tall. The B3 Series is intended for children two to six years of age up to 42 inches tall. The B4 Series is designed for children five to eleven years old up to 48 inches tall. FEATURES: Models B3CCS and B4CCS have casters, an anterior support, and adjustable lateral supports. Models B3C and B4C have 4-inch swivel locking casters. Stand

Bolsters And Stands (Models Ap142, 1421, & 1422)

The Bolsters and Stands are therapy rolls designed for use in therapy to develop balance and posture control in infants and children with neurological and physical disabilities. The bolsters have a washable vinyl exterior over a foam-covered core with carrying straps at each end. The adjustable wooden stands support and elevate the bolsters and can be used as small benches. DIMENSIONS (Diam.xL): Bolsters are 4 x 25 inches (model AP142), 8.5 x 43 inches (model 1421), and 10 x 50 inches(model 14

Mini-Bolster Chair

Chair with straddle position design. Adjustable height, 8 to 11 inches. Accessories: 28 1/2 inch wide by 22 inch deep tray, adjustable pelvic strap, and handle. 22 inch by 19 1/2 inch base with swivel casters and safety railing available. .

Primary Bolster Chair

Chair with a flat padded bolster bench. Foot railings to maintain foot placement. with or without straps. Adjustable pelvic straps and tray. Back slots accept the TherAdapt Winged Back Insert and Thoracic Pads. 2 inch swivel casters. Bolster is 8 1/2 inches wide, 22 inches long and adjusts 9 to 15 inches in height. Tray is 28 inches wide, 28 inches deep and adjusts 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches cutout depth. Base is 29 by 20 1/2 inches.

Roll Chairs (Models 1750 & 1751)

The padded roll (or bolster) helps the individual maintain proper hip abduction and prevents "scissoring" of the legs. The chrome plated steel front and rear legs may be adjusted to various angles. Two different chair sizes are available, Model 1750 is for children from 42 to 50 inches tall and Model 1751 is for both children and adolescents up to 68 inches tall. Seat belt is included. OPTIONS: Adjustable Lateral Supports and Clear Acrylic Tray. COLOR: Chestnut is standard. Other available color

Roll Chairs (Models T3545 & T3555)

Roll chair with back. Maintains hip and trunk flexion and leg abduction. Features: independent adjustable height front and rear legs offering range of seat angles; adjustable back height; deep roll seat; quick release seat belt. Model T3545 fits children to 50 inches tall; 8 inch diameter, 18 inch long roll seat; seat height and adjustment from floor 8 to 16 inches; back 12 inches wide by 16 inches high. Model T3555 fits children 45 to 68 inches tall; roll seat 10 inches in diameter; 22 inches l

Therapy Bolsters And Stands (Models Cb13 To Cb16 & Cb20)

The Therapy Bolsters and Stands are cylindrical therapy rolls for development of balance reactions, postural alignment and trunk rotation with individuals with neurological or balance disabilities. The bolsters are made of washable vinyl covered foam wrapped around a firm core. Carrying straps are attached to each end. The bolster stands are made of wood. DIMENSIONS (Diam x L): Model CB13 is 4 x 25 inches, model CB14 is 6.5 x 40 inches, model CB15 is 8.5 x 43 inches, and model CB16 is 10 x 50 in

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