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200 Series Hand / Hair Dryer

The 200 Series Hand/Hair Dryers are electric dryers designed for one handed use in public restrooms. The cover, nozzle, and pushbutton are made of rust and corrosion free diecast zinc with satined chrome over a nickel finish. The motor is a PSC induction motor (brushless), 1/10 HP, thermally protected, with self aligning quiet bearings and resilient ring motor mounts. The heating element is a 2000 watt nickel chromium blower that is inlet mounted (inaccessible through the nozzle), and protected

Aircraft Ada Recessed Hand Dryer (Model B-750)

The Aircraft ADA Recessed Hand Dryer, mode 750, is designed for use by people who have upper extremity disabilities or use of only one hand. It is made of cast iron with white vitreous enamel finish, and its sensor automatically turns the dryer on and off by sensing hand movement. The direction of the air can be adjusted. POWER: Available versions that can be powered by 115 volt or 222 volt power source. WARRANTY: 3 years on motor brushes; 10 years on all other parts.

Fastaire (Models Hd03, & Hd04)

The Fastaire, models, HD03 and HD04, are electric hand dryers designed for use by individuals with one hand. These warm air hair dryers are easily operated and the direction of air is easily adjusted.

Hand Dryer (Model 0110 R)

Electric Hand Dryer, 115 volts, 15 amps. Also available in 230 volts, 10 amps-0113 R. Available in recessed model(0115R) or surfaced mounted model- (0101). Universal type motor 1/100 horse power, and life lubricated, fully sealed ball bearings, self cleaning and self cooling. Chrome plated "Push" bar for easy activation and positive stop protective timer. 30 second shut off.

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