Hip Abduction Splint

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Adjustable Hip Abduction Splint

Hip abduction splint fabricated of polypropylene. 90 degree hip flexion. Lightweight plastic spreader bars. Stainless steel abduction joint adjustable from 40 to 180 degrees. Closed cell foam waist and thigh bands. Velcro closures. Sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large. .

AliMed® Side-Lying Hip Abductor

The AliMed® Side-Lying Hip Abductor is a hip abductor designed for persons recovering from hip or knee surgery that keeps the user's knees bent at 90° and abducted to externally rotate the hip. This product is ideal for hip adductor spasticity to reduce bone-to-bone pressure in the hips and knees. This product is to be used while laying down. Can be reused and wipes clean. There is a waterproof model that is sold separately.

Device For Stretching Spastic Hip Adductor Muscles.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Positioning device to increase hip abduction is useful for those with decreased range of motion or spasticity. Describes a device intended to stretch hip adductor muscles and keep the thighs separated, based on a screw jack available from Mazda Motors. Thigh cuffs made of Kay-Splint to conform to the patient's thighs are attached to the jack with banding metal, and foam padding and Velcro straps are glued to the cuffs. The device can be placed between

Dynafoam Knee Spreader (Models 2036 & 2047)

The Dynafoam Knee Spreader ##2036 and ##2047 is a knee separator and hip abduction splint designed to abduct the hips and to separate the knees while in sitting position. The device is made of high resiliency Dynafoam covered in a polyester slip cover that is removable for washing. Dynafoam offers therapeutic, dynamic qualities when compressed. The abductor is secured by a 4-inch wide Polynap strap with Velcro fasteners that wraps around the thighs. SIZES: Adult (##2036) and Pediatric (##2047).

Hip Abduction Splint

Hip abduction splint. 2 models: the Pehr Abduction Splint has 2 shells that fit on inner part of thighs, adjustable cross bar, polyfoam cushion or Kodel lining pads and velcro strap closures. The Eftekhar Abduction Splint has 2 section shell and polyfoam cushion pads that completely encircle the legs, rigid crossbar and velcro straps. Replacement pads available separately.

Hip Abduction Splint

Hip abduction splint for children. Molded, one piece plastic maintains 90 degrees of hip flexion and no more than 60 degrees of abduction. Rigid, lightweight. Nonabsorbent, closed cell foam lining. Velcro closures. Extra small, small, medium, large. For infants up to 1 year.

Orthocare Abduction Bar (Model 1036)

The Orthocare Abduction Bar ##1036 is a hip abduction splint designed to be used with the Orthocare SPACEBOOTS (see separate entry) to maintain neutral ankle position while providing abduction positioning. The boots attach to the bar with pressure sensitive Velcro. This lightweight and adjustable bar is made of styrene plastic, and is non-weightbearing.

Orthocare Abduction System (Models 1037, 4040, & 4041)

The Orthocare Abduction System is a hip abduction splint designed to be used post-operatively with AM Prosthesis. The wedge is constructed of polyurethane foam and has concave sides to accommodate the legs and Polynap straps to immobilize legs in the desired position. SIZES: Small (##1037), Medium (##4040), and Large (##4041). DIMENSIONS: Small measures 5 x 11.5 x 19.5 inches; Medium is 7 x 17 x 22 inches; and Large is 8.5 x 22 x 23.5 inches.

Orthocare Static Knee Spreader (Models 2035 & 2041)

The Orthocare Static Knee Spreader ##2035 and ##2041 is a knee separator and hip abduction splint designed to abduct the hips and separates the knees while in sitting position. The device is constructed of aluminum and Kydex. Two curved shells fit the inside of the thighs, and are separated by an aluminum bar. DIMENSIONS: Model ##2035 provides 5 inches of abduction; Model ##2041 is adjustable to provide 5 to 10 inches of abduction. If necessary, the device can be modified with a heat gun.

Wheaton Hip Abduction Orthosis

The Wheaton Hip Abduction Orthosis is a hip abduction orthosis designed for use with children with lower extremity disabilities. Available in adjustable and non-adjustable styles, this splint features one-piece molded construction that is flexible and molds to the body. Lined with non-absorbent closed cell foam, the unit has touch closure straps and a rigid, lightweight polypropylene spreader bar that keeps hips abducted at 60 degrees. The unit keeps the hips flexed at 90 degrees. OPTIONS: Adjus

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