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Deluxe Bilateral Pulley (Models R16264, R16281, & R16282)

The Deluxe Bilateral Pulley System, models R16264, R16281, and R16282, is a pulley weight system for upper or lower extremity exercise. The system consists of 2 vertical pulley carrier units with weights, hand grips, and straps. The pulley carriers may be fixed at more than 20 levels 2 inches apart. The direction of pull and the length of rope may be altered for exercising virtually any muscle group. The resistance adjusts Bilaterally in 2 pound intervals. The height adjustment can be read from

Resist-A-Skate System (Model 31909)

The Resist-A-Skate System, model 31909, is a hand/wrist/forearm exercise table and exercise skate and pulley weight package designed to provide range-of-motion exercise for arms and shoulders. This package includes a Deluxe Exercise Skate, model 31910; a Skate Board, model 31915; and the Skate Resistance System, model 31909. These items are also sold individually; see separate entries. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants these products against defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days fro

Sammon Preston Triplex Pulley Weights

Wall-Mounted Triplex Pulley Weights are pulley weights designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or who use wheelchairs. This wall-mounted, wheelchair-accessible unit provides shoulder, elbow, and chest exercise and strengthening and features smooth-action nylon roller pulleys on ceiling stringers. A pair of handles is located overhead, a second set is positioned at chest height, and a floor plate has a pair of handles at floor level. The unit is equipped with 10 disc we

Sammons Preston Pulley Weight Systems (Model Pc922180, Pc922182 & Pc922184

The Sammons Preston Pulley Weight System models PC922180, PC922182, and PC922184 are pulley weights designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Model PC2218 (chest pulley), has the handles mounted at chest height. Model PC922182 (duplex pulley), is designed to work the shoulder, elbow and chest areas, and has one pair of handles mounted at chest height, and a second mounted at floor level. Model PC922184 (triplex pulley), has three pairs of handles mounted at the floor lev

Skate Resistance System (Model 31920)

The Skate Resistance System, Model 31920, is a system of pulley weights designed for use with an arm skate. The system consists of a C-clamp, cables, and 9 weights. DIMENSIONS: The C-clamp is 2.5 inches wide. WEIGHT: Each of the 9 weights is .4 pounds. WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants this product against defects in workmanship and materials for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Track, The

The Track is a wall-mounted pulley exercise system designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, or spinal cord injury. Designed to increase strength by utilizing adjustable color-coded iron weights, the unit features one 25-pound color-coded stack in 5-pound increments. The system also includes two single hand grips and a Velcro strap for individuals with limited finger dexterity and for lower extremity exercises. OPTIONS: Cervical cap with 1-, 2-, or 3-pound weights.

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