Polycentric Knee Joint

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Miami Adjustable Knee Orthosis

The Miami Adjustable Knee Orthosis provides medial lateral and anterior posterior support of the knee. This brace features an adjustable polycentric knee joint which allows limitation in any desired range of flexion and extension or which allows the joint to be locked at any angle from 0 through 90 degrees. Made of foam-lined, perforated polyethylene plastic, the adjustable brace has a clam shell design which allows for tissue volumetric changes. Two cotton stockinette liners are included with

Rolyan Universal Polycentric Knee Hinge

The Rolyan Universal Polycentric Knee Hinge is designed for use with splints. This joint can be used for a variety of applications, including as a free motion joint, a drop lock joint, a limited motion joint for any range, or a locking joint for any position. The complete set includes drop lock, flexion and extension controls, and a wrench for adjustment. DIMENSIONS: 16.25 inches long.

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