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Intelect Legend Stimulator / Ultrasound Combination Units

The Intelect Legend Stimulator/Ultrasound Combination Units are combination interferential current stimulators and ultrasound units designed for use in therapeutic settings. Available in two- or four-channel models, the units include Quick Start 1-2-Go Software for ease of use. Other features include interferential, premodulated, Russian, and high volt wave forms. The dual frequency ultrasound features a soundhead which offers one MegaHertz (MHz) and 3.3 MHz frequencies and 10, 20, or 50 percen

Intelect Legend Ultrasound

The Intelect Legend Ultrasound is an ultrasound unit designed for therapeutic use. This dual-frequency system features a choice of soundhead size, all with one and 3.3 megaHertz (MHz) frequencies; 10, 20, and 50 percent and continuous duty cycle selections and head warming; large multi-segment LED display; and membrane overlays for control selection. Electronic Signature control enables use of optional soundheads. OPTIONS: 2, 5, or 10 square centimeter soundheads.

Sonicator (Models 705, 706, 710 & 720)

The Sonicator, models 705/706/710/720, are ultrasound units designed to treat both acute and chronic conditions for the relief of pain. All electrotherapeutic units come with an applicator, a mounting plate and instructions for correct and safe usage. Intensity levels differ for each unit, ranging from 5cm2 - 10cm2. Model 720 offers a choice of pencil style applicators differing in pulsating intensities. WEIGHT: Models 705 and 706 are 12 pounds. Models 710 and 720 are 13 pounds.

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