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Adjustable Back

The Adjustable Back is a molded plastic backshell to fit 16, 18 or 20 inch width wheelchairs. The Back ($238) is two inches narrower than the wheelchair frame to fit between back uprights. It mounts to the wheelchair with an adjustable system which allows three inches of height adjustment and angle adjustment from upright to 15 degrees of recline. Mounting hardware ($266) is available to fit 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch, or 1 inch diameter frame tubing. It is easily removeable from the chair by retracting

Adjustable J Hook Bracket Hardware Seating Package (Package 20Xx)

The Adjustable J Hook Bracket Hardware Seating Package, package 20XX, is seating hardware designed for use on a wheelchair. The Package includes a solid back insert including T-nuts; a solid seat insert including T-nuts; a wide, 1.5-inch offset seat to back hinge; a pair of 1- inch diameter tube two-hole J hooks; a pair of five-hole adjustable L brackets; a pair of 1-inch diameter tube six-hole J hooks; a pair of two-hole adjustable L brackets; a 1-inch diameter tube drop stop; and a 1-inch diam


Anna-Dote is a back support cushion and solid back insert designed to aid individuals who use wheelchairs, or straight-back/recliner geriatric chairs to sit upright, allowing for the reduction in stress, discomfort and fatigue that can accompany a slouched to the side position. This positioning supportive aid fits over the backrest of either a wheelchair or a geriatric chair and provides patients with an extended backrest to keep them upright and prevent falling or sliding to the side of the cha

Cpsc Standard Back (Models Sb-01 Thru Sb-06)

Seating insert. The standard back has integral waist bolsters that contribute to central positioning of the lower spine. Chest bolsters may be added easily without modifying the upholstery.

Endoflex Back

Contoured back with internal metal frame. Mounts in wheelchair frame with back hooks with nylon straps and buckles. Back height and back angle adjustable. Mid-back can flex or be fixed in one position. Vinyl or fabric. .

I Back (Model H)

Modification for any Freedom Designs solid back insert, 1/2 inch marine grade plywood, 1 1/2 inches of foam padding, naugahyde upholstery. Cut in the shape of a capital letter-I+ so that trunk supports are at the trunk and adjustable the length of the center section. Can be used with any hardware.

Jay Active Back (Models 520, 522, 525, 527 & 528)

The Jay Active Back, models 520/522/525/527 & 528, is a back support cushion designed to provide comfort and stability for chair users. This contoured support cushion is composed of lightweight materials and features adjustable height and back angles designed to help relieve back pain. It also includes an "Air Exchange" cover designed to reduce perspiration and heat buildup. With a rigid back shell, this support cushion is not intended to bow or stretch. DIMENSIONS: All models feature adjust

Jay Modular Back

The Jay Modular Back is a solid back insert made of aluminum that will accommodate either a Jay Custom Contoured Insert to fit deformities, or a Jay Standard Insert. The aluminum shell includes recline and depth adjustment, foam side guards, and clamp-on hardware. The Custom Contoured Insert includes a foam back with shim, full-width fluid pad, and an AirExchange cover. The Standard Insert includes a foam back with a spinal fluid pad and AirExchange cover. DIMENSIONS: Back shell is available in

Modular Seat And Back Cushions

The Modular Seat and Back Cushions are designed to work with custom systems or replace standard wheelchair upholstery. The cushions ($68 and up) are made of foam, with an easy to clean skin surface. The back pads ($23 and up) may be installed permanently with glue, attached with velcro, or bolted to the seats with hardware.

Quick Release Back (Model 102-7000)

Solid back insert, 1/2 inch marine grade plywood, 1 1/2 inches of foam padding, naugahyde upholstery. Quick release brackets fit 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch and 1 inch tubing. Bracket has a latch that pivots for easy quick release. Comes with multi-adjustable brackets. Backs are cut to fit between the rails.

Solid Back

Custom size solid back with 1 inch medium density foam on 1/2 inch birch plywood. Upholstered with cover foam and vinyl cover. T-nuts for hardware attachment and headrest mounting. Custom foams available. Modifications available include curved solid back and I-back cutout. May be ordered without aluminum hardware, or mounted to chair with velcro loops, cinch straps, stationary knob-release hardware, adjustable knob-release hardware, non-adjustable drop hooks, or adjustable drop hooks. Hardware m

Solid Back Insert (Model 75)

The Solid Back Insert, model 75, is designed for use in wheelchairs with sling upholstery and push handles. The insert features a rigid base with a foam liner, a fabric cover, and loops to secure it to the wheelchair push handles

Solid Backs (Models 102-1000, 102-2000, 102-3000, 102-4000, 102-5000, & 102-6000)

Adaptive solid seat backs with 1/2 inch plywood bases, 1/2 inch foam padding and Naugahyde, shelterite or synthetic lambswool covers. Available in any size, with or without mounting hardware. Modifications available include cutouts, extra or special foam, curved back, I-back, wedge cut.

Solid Seat And Back

Solid seat and back inserts. Hardwood plywood base with firm foam padding. Naugahyde cover. Various hardware styles and clamps attach units to wheelchair. Customized to fit any wheelchair frame; manual, power drive, travel chair or sport chair. Back insert models: T-back, R- back or with straps.

Solid Seat With Attaching Hardware (Model Ee1) & Solid Back (Model Ee2)

Solid seat and back, 1/2 inch marine grade plywood and 1 1/2 inches of foam padding. Hardware is designed to allow adjustment of seat to back angle, seating depth and flexion. Naugahyde upholstery. Full of cushion is rounded. Custom widths.

T Mods (Mod J)

Solid back insert modification for any Freedom Design solid backs. Backs are cut in the shape of a "T" to permit maximum adjustability of trunk supports. Only works with Econo-Ease Hardware.

Tms Solids, Solid Insert Seats And Backs

Solid seat and back inserts. Plywood base with padded foam and vinyl cover. Available in standard adult, narrow adult. Fits over regular seat and back. Back secured over push handles with fabric loops.

Wheelnest Seating System

The WheelNest Seating System is a portable system for prolonged, balanced seating in wheelchairs, cars, office or other chairs that has a molded seat, solid seat and solid back inserts, and gel flotation seat cushion. WheelNest provides a balanced underseating as well as lumbar back support; helps maintain proper lordosis (curvature of the spine), correct hip position and proper spine alignment; and helps prevent decubitus ulcers. BACK SUPPORT: The back support is made of padded, contoured layer

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