Short Opponens Orthosis

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Rolyan D-Ring Thermal Rx Wrist/thumb Spica Splint (Models A615-11 To A615-20)

The Rolyan D-Ring Thermal Rx Wrist/Thumb Spica Splint is a short opponens orthosis device designed to provide light compression in order to decrease pain and relieve inflammation for persons with tendonitis. This splint features metal wrist and thumb stays, and Trixon lining designed to retain body heat as well as allowing the skin to breathe; the wrist stay is removable so wrist extension can be adjusted. It features a circumferential design and is hand washable. This device is designed for bot

Rolyan D-Ring Wrist And Thumb Spica Splint (Models A615-1 To A615-10)

The Rolyan D-Ring Wrist and Thumb Spica Splint is a short opponens orthosis support designed to offer protection for healing after injury as well as decrease pain and inflammation for persons with tendonitis. Made from a cotton/polyester blend and lined with cotton stockinette, this splint features a circumferential design and three D-ring closures for proper fit. It also includes metal wrist and thumb stays for added support; wrist extension can be adjusted with the aluminum wrist support bar.

Short Opponens Orthosis Kit

The Short Opponens Orthosis Kit is designed to opposes and abduct the thumb and serves as a foundation for accessories. The orthosis is aluminum with beveled edges, felt or plastazote padding, and a leather wrist strap with buckle. The brace does not extend beyond the wrist. Finger and joint accessories available. SIZES: Based on the measurement taken at the widest part of the MP joints. Small (up to 2.75 inches), Medium (2.75 to 3.25 inches), and Large (over 3.25 inches). Right or left hand.

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