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Jackson Strength Evaluation System

Measures isometric strength. User stands on a platform and pulls a T- bar attached to a chain on the platform. Monitor has an LCD readout that displays and holds Peak and Average Force in pounds. Includes a 1000 pound strain gauge load cell and a hand dynamometer fixture. Measures strength of grip, arm and back. Use with battery powered voltmeter for millivolt accurate calibration.

Myotrace 400

The MyoTrace 400 is an EMG feedback unit designed for use in biofeedback and clicical evaluation of movement, force, and muscle activity. This portable handheld unit operates with two channels in stand alone mode and four channels in PC-mode. A wide variety of compatible plugin sensors can be used to objectively evaluate the functional status of the musculo-skeletal system, including force transducers, goniometers, inclinometers, accelerometers, hand dynamometers and foot switches. Applications

Nicholas Manual Muscle Tester

Compact wireless muscle tester. Battery operated. Provides objective standards against a fixed standard. Determines how much force is exerted by pushing through the manual muscle tester against an immovable object. Load cell design eliminates errors due to non- perpendicular loading within the normal angles of force application. LCD readout, 0-199.9 kilograms. 6 1/4 by 2 1/8 by 3 inches. Weight 21 ounces. Sensitivity: 0.1 kilograms. Automatic shut-off to save battery.

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