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B.a. Bar

B.A. Bar is a voice output bar code communication aid, cognitive aid, and speech teaching device designed for use by individuals with autism, aphasia, cognitive disabilities, or brain injury. This portable unit has a digital voice and can record and play back words and sounds programmed on barcodes. Adhesive barcode labels are glued onto objects or symbol panels; scanning enbles voice output. The codes are also available in a graphic file, enabling them to be printed on documents. Up to 10,000 b

Cash Drawer

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To enable individuals with fine motor disabilities to organize and sort money in a cahier's job. A device was constructed from ABS plastic that has compartments for each denomination of paper money. The compartments are separated by ABS dividers with large tabs that are clearly marked. The dividers are notched to fit over two 'rails' along the bottom of the device. These rails prevent the bills from slipping under the tabs. SKILLS REQUIRED: Fabrication. TITLE: Money

Community Integration Suite

The Community Integration Suite is a prompter and cognitive aid designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities. Simplified access to a handheld Pocket PC (not included) provides time-based schedule prompting, as well as personalized task prompting with digital pictures, video, and auditory instructions. Users traveling to work, school, or into the community have access to calendar reminders and support for important vocational and educational tasks. Features enable users to manage

Isaac Author

ISAAC Author is a macro creation software program designed to enable occupational therapists and rehabilitation practicioners with patients who use the ISAAC System (see separate entry) to develop and update of each patient's individualized system content in English or Spanish. The ISAAC Author looks like a simple word processor when in use. When the content elements for an ISAAC system user have been fully developed, so the practitioner simply connects the user's ISAAC System to the serial port

Isaac System, The

The ISAAC System is a small, wearable, individualized cognitive aid and prompter designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities, brain injury, stroke, developmental disabilities such as mental retardation, dementia, and pseudo-dementia. ISAAC attaches to the user's belt and features a small touchscreen that displays messages and prompts that the user acknowledges by touching. Because it is fully individualized and easy to use, categorically oriented, ISAAC is suitable for individual

Jogger, The

The Jogger is a prompter designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities, brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer's Disease, or other short-term memory disabilities. Hosted on a small, wearable, commercially-available personal data assistant (PDA) equipped with a touch screen, the system enables users to take needed information with them wherever they go, presenting behavioral prompts and cues for the user at pre-programmed times and recording the user's responses. The system transmits user

Movie Ticket Taker

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To enable individuals with use of one hand to take tickets at a movie theater. An individual with cerebral palsy and mental retardation had use of only one hand and was unable to take and tear tickets at a movie theater where he was employed. The solution was to use a high torque rotary cutter which cuts the ticket when inserted into a custom designed box that sits on a tray in the user's lap. This is the same technology used in many parking lots, when a ticket is cu

Planning And Execution Assistant Trainer (Peat)

The Planning and Execution Assistant Trainer (PEAT) is a cognitive aid designed for use by individuals with brain injury or cognitive or memory disabilities. This handheld computer system provides customized cueing and scheduling and offers flexibility in handling schedule changes. The system's Activity Model describes the user's activites. Different types of user activities that can be defined in PEAT include: Standard tasks (tasks with fixed start times); To Do tasks (scheduled for specific da

Pocket Endeavor Suite

The Pocket Endeavor Suite is a prompter and cognitive aid designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities and brain injury. This software is designed to work with a handheld Pocket PC (not included). The program allows the user to manage recurring or one-time calendar events, set a timer to track lapsed time, view past and future events, stay on task with step-by-step instructional support, maintain recorded to-do lists, and respond to auditory and visual cueing. The user can also re

Recipe Card Stand (Model Pvc-R)

The Recipe Card Stand, model PVC-R, is an index card holder and job aid designed for use by individuals with cognitive or communication disabilities. This stand holds 5 x 8-inch hole-punched index cards, such as recipe cards or cards printed with steps in a sequencing task. Students or workers can complete the instructions on the first card, then flip it to the back, revealing the next step in the sequence. This encourages participation and increases independence in a variety of situations, such

Tactile Markings For Restaurant Hostess

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To enable individuals with low vision to identify seating sections in a restaurant. An individual working as a hostess in a restauant was unable to identify numbered seating sections in the restaurant because inch-high white numbers painted at the bottom of each seating section were inaccessible. The solution was to install short, round-head screws colored to match the in the top of each booth in the separate seating sections. Simply by touching the booth, the hostes

Visual Assistant

Visual Assistant is a cognitive aid, prompter, and job aid designed for use by individuals with cognitive and memory disabilities or brain injury. This program is software for a personal digital assistant (PDA) and provides visual and verbal cues to assist the user in performing individualized tasks set up by a caregiver, coach, or other interested party. Visual Assistant is sold as standalone software; with a dedicated PDA pre-loaded with the software; or with a Pocket PC cellular telephone pre

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