Overdoor Traction Pulley

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Head Halter Over-Door Traction Set

The Head Halter Over-Door Traction Set is an overdoor traction pully designed for individuals with arthritis requiring cervical traction. This set includes a water weight bag, a cervical spreader bar, a nylon braided rope, an over-door traction clamp, and an adjustable hook-and -loop halter. The weight of the bag can be varied from 2 to 20 pounds.

Overdoor Traction Set (Model P2100)

The Overdoor Traction Set, model P2100, is designed to provide cervical traction. The set includes a 20-pound water weight bag, an overdoor traction clamp, a 12-inch spreader bar, an S hook, traction cord, and a Velcro adjustable head halter. OPTIONS: Replacement water weight bag and head halter.

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