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Cadwell Safe Electrodes And Accessories

Cadwell's Safe Electrodes and Accessories are designed to meet the latest safety standards. The electrodes are available in needle, bar, ring and disc, featuring touch-proof connectors designed to keep patients safe from electrical hazards. Every month Cadwell furnishes its complete 6200A package customers with at least $180 worth of electrodes and accessories for free over a three year period that can be renewed for an additional three years.

Dura-Stick Tens Electrodes

DURA-STICK TENS Electrodes are TENS accessories designed for use with TENS units. These single-use multi-day electrodes feature ultra-flexible construction, as well as fabric coloration to reduce visibility. These pin connector electrodes are made of polymer gel. COLOR: Tan.

Essential Tens System (Model S1000)

The Essentail TENS System, model S1000, is a TENS unit designed for therapeutic use. The unit offers constant current, dual isolated channels, a pulse amplitude of zero to eighty, an adjustable pulse frquency of two to 150, and an adjustable pulse width of 60 to 250. The set contains the TENS unit, lead wires, electrodes, and battery. POWER: Uses a nine-volt battery (included). Replacement batteries are available. OPTIONS: Replacement electrode set, conductive gel, 43-inch TENS lead wires, and b

Qualcare Tens Electrodes

QualCare TENS Electrodes are TENS Electrodes designed for use with TENS units. Available in prewired and pin-type models, these electrodes have cloth faces and use silver-coated carbon to reduce impedance across the face, eliminate hot spots, and lower resistance. Molded wire/connector is easier to hold, connect, and disconnect. The electrodes are reusable and the rehydratable gel can be restored with a drop of water. Reusable poly pouches protect the electrodes and extend life. The pin-type ele

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