USB Port Adapter

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Intellikeys Usb Assistive Keyboard

IntelliKeys is an alternative keyboard designed to meet the needs of students with physical disabilities. It is a customizable, flat, touch-sensitive device. Unlike standard keyboards with a fixed set of keys, the configuration of IntelliKeys can be easily changed by sliding different overlays onto the touch sensitive area.

Usb Port Adaptation

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with cerebral palsy to insert a memory stick into the USB port of a computer. The USB port has a lead which extends from the back of the computer. A wooden block that clamps together with a tri nut was devised to hold the socket at the correct angle and position to make it accessible to the user. An additional block of wood was added to the bottom to provide stability. With the socket in position, the user can insert the memory key. TITLE: Co

Parent Category: Computer Accessories General

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