Storage Shelves

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Closet Adaptations

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To make an existing closet accessible to seniors and individuals with arthritis, balance disabilities, or mobility disabilities. This illustrated article, included in a chapter entitled "Bedroom & Getting Dressed," discusses various inexpensive modifications. Included are lowering the clothes rod, adding shelves at usable heights, storing items on the floor in baskets, and replacing the closet door with a curtain or lighter weight folding door. AUTHOR: Greenstein

Telephone Shelf

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To create an accessible area for telephone use for an individual with multiple sclerosis. A double wall-mounted shelf was built, with the top shelf accommodating the telephone on a rotating base. A second shelf provides storage for a telephone directory, mail, and other items. The shelf is a right angle to the user's work area, enabling the phone to be answered from her work chair and eliminating the need to walk to answer the phone. TITLE: Customised Furniture. JOURN

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