Ultrasound Unit

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Bladdermanager Pci (Personal Care Instrument) 5000

The BladderManager is a portable ultrasound unit with a sensor to monitor bladder fullness for individuals with spinal cord injury and others who must perform intermitent catheterization to enable cateterization to be done on the basis of bladder volume rather than on a timed schedule. This non-invasive monitoring device transmits low energy ultrasound waves which are reflected off the bladder wall. Data are processed to inform the user of current bladder volume. The user is alerted visually to

Bladderscan Bvi 2500

The BladderScan BVI 2500 is a portable ultrasound instrument designed to measure bladder volume non-invasively. The device can be used for many situations: Pediatric and geriatric care; pre-operative/post-operative care; persons with spinal injury; inco ntinence, and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is designed to perform three basic functions: (1) checks post-void residuals to verify complete emptying of the bladder (2) non-invasively determines volume parameters like first sensation of fullnes


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