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Aeroflow Ii Wheelchair Pad (Model Msc061005)

The Aeroflow II Wheelchair Pad, model MSC061005, is an air flotation wheelchair cushion designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. The pad is made of durable 16-gauge antimicrobial vinyl and is latex-free. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 16 x 18 inches.

Airkair Seat Cushion

The AirKair Seat Cushion is an air flotation seat cushion designed for use by individuals at risk of developing or who have pressure ulcers. This cushion conforms to the individual's shape for comfort and reduced pressure. It has a low profile design which fits most chair and wheelchair seats. The inflation is adjustable. n. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): The cushion is 2 x 16 x 16 inches. CAPACITY: 250 pounds. WEIGHT: Less than 2 pounds.

Back Rest, Sport Seat, & Seat Rest Self-Inflating Cushions

Open cell foam back rest with airtight, waterproof nylon shell. Self inflates; valve to adjust user's comfort. Size 16 by 8 by 2.5 inches; blue, cedar brown covers available. Also available: Seat Rest, similar product for seat of chair, size 12 by 16 by 1.5 inches; price $65.00; Sport Seat, like Seat Rest except heavier duty covering, in navy, rust, or green.

Bye-Bye Decubiti Seat Cushions

The Bye-Bye Decubiti Seat Cushions are air flotation cushion made of heavy gauge, resilient natural rubber. Several models are available to fit most standard wheelchair seats. The cushions are inflated by mouth or by low pressure air pumps, and can be adjusted for fullness to accommodate individual comfort and stability requirements. These cushions are washable and autoclavable. They can be used in bed, the bathtub, shower, boat, or stadium. The slip on covers are available in synthetic fleece (

Defender Ii

The Defender II is an air wheelchair cushion system designed for use by individuals who do not currently have pressure sores. The cushion's multiple air cells are divided into two zones to provide pressure relief at the boney areas of the posterior. The cushion is made of soft, durable neoprene (latex free), and comes with a machine washable, breathable cover. Each air cell is reinforced with an internal air bladder for additional durability and a foam insert to prevent bottoming out. The manu

Design A Roho Kit

Kit allows therapist to design Roho cushion fit for individual needs before ordering custom cushion. Each cushion section is 4 rows by 2 rows of air inflatable, pressure relieving cells with Velcro attached to bottom. Sections are attached to base to form desired cushion design.

Endurance Cushion

The Endurance Cushion is an air flotation cushion designed for use by individuals at risk for pressure sores/ulcers. Designed for use in chairs or vehicle seats, this cushion has two manually inflated pressure relief zones. The cushion includes the multiple- cell, two-zone cushion, a cover, a hand pump, and a set of two straps with hooks for affixing the cushion to almost any seat. The cushion is made of heavy-gauge Polyurethane (latex free), and has a built-in carrying handle. The cover is mad

Mosaic Cushion (Models Mos1616C, Mos1618C, Mos1816C, & Mos1818C)

The Mosaic Cushion is an air flotation wheelchair cushion designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This washable inflatable cushion has interconnected polyvinyl air cells. The cushion comes with an incontinence cover. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 16 x 16 inches (model MOS1616C), 16 x 18 inches (model MOS1618C), 18 x 16 inches (model MOS1816C), or 18 x 18 inches (model MOS1818C). WEIGHT: Model MOS1816C weighs 1.2 pounds; weight varies by size. CAPACITY: 250 pounds.

Movin' Sit Air Cushion

The Movin'Sit Air Cushion is an air flotation seat cushion designed to give the user a slanted seat base to promote proper sitting posture. This adjustable, wedge-shaped cushion is inflatable, washable, and portable. It also functions as a dynamic surface, with small, rounded protrusions on one side to create air circulation. The unit may also be used as a lower back support. It is inflated by mouth and easily adjusted for any chair or surface. DIMENSIONS: 14 x 14 inches.

Movin' Sit Jr.

The Movin' Sit Jr. is an air flotation seat cushion designed gor use by children with physical disabilities. The inflatable cushion can be used with any chair or in automobile seats to encrease endurance of the postural muscles by promoting active sitting. The wedge-shaped cushion also works to balance the spine to encourage proper posture. DIMENSIONS: 10 x 10 inches. COLOR: Royal Blue.

Procontour Comfort Cushion

The ProContour ComforT is an air floatation seat cushion designed for use by individuals with severe physical, mobility, or lower extremity disabilities, pressure sores and/or ulcers, and spinal cord injuries. The cushion reduces seat interface temperature, helping to avoid tissue maceration, and pressure sores. As the individual seated on the cushion moves, the cushion adjusts itself to eliminate pressure peaks and provide even, stable support. The seat absorbs excess heat from the user, thus

Roho Enhancer Dry Floatation Cushion

Neoprene rubber air cushion with two valves and individual air cells varying from 1 inch to 4 inches in height, distributed in pattern to provide contoured support and increased seated stability. Pressure can be varied separately between cells under thighs and ischia and cells between and around legs and buttocks. Available in 4 standard sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 15 inches by 16 3/4 inches, 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/ 4 inches, and 18 1/2 inches by 16 3/4 inches. Custom sizes available. Removeab

Roho High-Profile & Low-Profile Dry Flotation Cushion

Roho Dry Flotation cushions are air flotation cushions designed for use in wheelchairs. These cushions are lightweight and consist of flexible air cells attached to a common manifold system. A pump and cover are included. DIMENSIONS: The High-Profile Cushion is four inches high and the Low-Profile Cushion is 2 inches high. The cushions are available in 15 x 16.75 inches, 15 x 15 inches, and 16.75 x 16.75 inches. WEIGHT: The High-Profile Cushion weighs 6 pounds and the Low-Profile Cushion weighs

Roho Low Profile Dry Floatation Cushion

Roho Low Profile air flotation seat cushion designed for active individuals in potential ulcer risk situation who need a more stable cushion with easy transfer capabilities. Standard sizes: 16 3/4 by 18 1/ 2 by 2 inches, 16 3/4 by 16 3/4 by 2 inches, 15 by 15 by 2 inches, and 15 by 16 3/4 by 2 inches. Balloon structure same as standard Roho seat cushion, but shorter balloons.

Roho Mini Max Cushion

Neoprene rubber air cushion with 1 1/4 inch high flexible air cells attached to a common base. Standard sizes are 15 inches by 15 inches, 16 inches by 16 inches, and 16 inches by 18 inches. Custom sizes available. Available with rigid plastic contoured base and removeable two way stretch cover. Weighs approximately 24 ounces.18 month warranty.

Roho Pack It

Lightweight neoprene rubber air cushion made of Mini Max cells, which are 1 1/4 inch high flexible air cells. Standard size is 16 inches by 9 1/2 inches, but can be customized to fit any size requirements. Encased in removeable two way stretch cover with elastic strap. Weighs approximately 1 1/4 pounds. 18 month warranty. Can be used for scapular, sacral, lumbar support, in shower or bathtub, automobile, airplane. Designed for lightweight travel use.

Roho Quadtro Cushion

Four separate neoprene rubber air cushion sections joined together by hose connector system allowing separate inflation adjustments. Available in high profile, with 4 inch high cells, in 3 sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 15 inches by 16 3/4 inches, and 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/4 inches; or low profile, with 2 inch high cells, in 4 sizes: 15 inches by 15 inches, 15 inches by 16 3/4 inches, 16 3/4 inches by 16 3/ 4 inches, and 16 3/4 inches by 18 1/2 inches. Custom sizes and compartments available. Re

Roho Wedge Cushion

Neoprene rubber air cushion with air cell heights of 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches varying from front to back for wedge shape. Available with single, dual, or triple valves for varying pressure. Custom sizing to fit user specifications. Weighs approximately 4 pounds. Removeable two way stretch cover. 18 month warranty.

Sof Care Chair Cushion (Model Cc476)

Air flotation seat cushion, polyvinyl, divided into air pockets to distribute the pressure, preinflated. 18 by 17 inches. Terry cloth cover available.

Sof-Care Bed Cushion, Bed Cushion Plus, & Chair Cushion

Air flotation mattress surface. 300 individual air cell design allows air to transfer through interconnecting channels, redistributing patient weight over entire cushion. Corner straps for stability. Bed cushion: 33 1/2 inches by 75 1/4 inches. Sof-Care Chair Cushion, 18 inches by 17 inches. Cotton/poly terry cover. Velcro closure. Options: Inflator, 4 inches diameter by 13 inches long, 3 pounds. Inflation Adapter can be used in conjunction with bicycle pump. Warranty available.

Stage 1 Overlay Cushion Waterproof

The Stage 1 Overlay Cushion Waterproof is an air flotation cushion designed for use with individuals who are at risk for pressure sores and have incontinence issues. It has a waterproof and washable cover and a clear vinyl enclosed pump with a smart charger. This cushion can be used in an automobile seat, wheelchair, or lounge chair as well as in managed care facilities for ambulatory and geriatric patients and in bed between the hips or other bony area where the possibility of pressure sores ar

Zoid Performance Cushion

The Zoid Performance Cushion is an air flotation cushion designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities, mobility disabilities, and spinal cord injury who use sport wheelchairs. This self-inflating cushion features impact and vibration reducing technology. It tapers one inch from front to back for a tigher fit. The self-inflating technology lets the user immerse into the cushion to lower center of gravity and improve agility. The cushion has extra-stiff, beveled laterals to p

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