Work Tray for Sorting / Matching / Assembly

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Intervention Level Tub Easy Pack

The Lower Level Functioning Tub Easy Pack is designed for individuals 8 years or older who require assistance in diverting disruptive behaviors or alleviating boredom by offering a variety of activities in one kit. It is designed for individuals who require minimal supervision. Each collection comes in a handy, stackable see-through storage container with lid. COLOR: Multiple colors. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Prevocational Skills Development Materials Complete Kit (Model 1-08000-00)

The Prevocational Skills Development Materials Complete Kit, model 1-08000-00, is a training system for the development of manipulative skills, including matching, sorting, counting, assembly, and packaging, designed for use by students with multiple disabilities including blindness or low vision. The complete system includes five sets of materials, which are meant to be used in conjunction with other materials suggested in the accompanying guidebook: A Paper-Folding Jig for use in 3-part foldin

Snap Bags

The Snap Bags are a bean bag game designed for use by children three years old and older with fine motor, grasping, and upper extremity disabilities. The snap bags consist of six linking bean bags designed for endless game possibilities. Throwing and catching are made easier with two Snap Bags linked together. When all six bags are attached and used as a shoulder or lap weight they can create a calming presence for young children. The set facilitates the introduction of colors, numbers and shape

Spangle Tangle: Play and Explore Kit

Spangle Tangle kit is designed for children with low vision. Spangle Tangle provides opportunities for learners to improve visual and tactile attention, communication, and creativity. Through specially designed activities, the learner develops motor, problem-solving, cognitive, self-care, social, and pre-braille skills.

Work-Play Trays (Models 1-03751-00, 1-03660-00, 1-03761-00, & 1-03740-00)

Work-Play Trays are work trays for sorting / matching/ assembly designed for use in perceptual training activities by children who are blind or have low vision. These trays have raised edges to contain objects that might roll out of reach. They provide an enclosed work space for sorting, matching, classifying, and counting activities. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Large trays (1-03761-00 and 1-03740-00) are 21.25 x 13.25 inches; small trays (1-03751-00 and 1-03660-00) are 17 x 11.75 inches. COLOR: Yellow (1


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