Lateral Hip Guide

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Contoured Hip Pad Kit - As4000 & As5000 (Models 4341-71, -72, -73, 4343-71, -72, -73, 4347-71, -72, -73, 4350-71, -72, -73, 4353-71, -72, -73)

The Contoured Hip Pad Kit is a lateral hip guide designed to position the hips of an individual with spinal cord injury or severe physical disabilities while seated in a wheelchair. The pads are designed with internal threads front and back for mounting to support brackets which attach to seat bottom. They are adjustable from front to back, in and out, and up and down. There is also a set of internal threads for subasis bar mounting. The Contoured Hip Pad has a contoured shape for maximum hip an

Corner Seat

The Corner Seat is a corner seat designed for use by children with neurological or severe physical disabilities. This chair is portable for use anywhere indoors or out and can also be used in a bathtub. It has an H-strap and hip belt to stabilize the shoulders, pelvis, and trunk and a built-in abductor to help maintain leg extension and reduce thrust. Features include a broad, stable base and easy-to-wash polyethylene surface. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 22.5 x 11 x 19 inches. The base is 17 x 27 inches

Hip Supports, Pads, And Brackets

Hip pads are custom sized, 1/2 inch thick medium density foam over 1/2 inch birch plywood. Can be mounted inside armrests, or to seat with custom bent Kydex or aluminum brackets and bolts through threaded wood inserts.

Lateral Hip Pads

Naugahyde covered foam pads and brackets for mounting on solid back insert. Lateral adjustment possible, stabilizes hips and control adduction. 3 to 4 inches high by 5 to 10 inches deep, curved or straight.

Miller's Complete Support Systems

The Miller's Complete Support Systems are lateral trunk support components designed to be mounted off the seat, back insert, modular pan, or wheelchair frame, depending on the application, to give support to the trunk and pelvic areas or to provide adduction. Components of the seat, back, or pan-mounted systems include fixed, swing-away, and multiplane inserts, pads, and doglegs. The doglegs allow approximately 2 additional inches of lateral adjustment. The Multi Plane provides greater flexibili

Nandu Snug Seat

The Nandu Snug Seat supports active children who require additional trunk and hip support. The Nandu is available in four sizes, each with up to 6.5 inches continuous height adjustment and up to 8 degrees forward tilt. The back rest can be reversed to provide abdominal support when in the forward leaning position. This design will help children sit up to work without having to work to sit up.

Oval Hip Pad Kit - As4000 & As5000 (Models 4331-01, -21, -31, -32, -33, 4333-01, -21, -31, -32, & -33)

The Hip Pad Kit is designed for hip positioning of individuals seated in wheelchairs, but will adapt to heavier positioning applications. Made of 16 gauge, cold, rolled steel that has been deburred for a smooth finish and plated to prevent corrosion. The plate is formed with a recess for two rows of ##10-32 press nuts and redius corners. The kit consists of one complete pad and all the hardware necessary to mount the pad to the wheelchair seat. OPTIONS: Available in metal only or with cover of t

Oval Hip Pad Kit As4000 & As5000 (Models 4370-31, -32, -33, 4372-31, -32, & -33)

The Oval Hip Pad Kit is a lateral hip guide designed for positioning the hips of an individual with spinal cord injury or severe physical disabilities while in a wheelchair. The pads are designed with internal threads for mounting support brackets which attach to the seat bottom. Adjustments for the hip pads can be made front to back, in and out, or up and down. The pads are constructed of steel padded with 1.25-inch closed cell foam and completely covered with a Rubatex slip cover. A kit conta

Zippie Hip Pads & Full Side Pads

Pads are foam padded plywood, covered with naugahyde. Full side pads are 4 inches by 9 inches or 4 inches by 11 inches. Deep curved pads in 3 sizes: 3 inches by 5 inches, 4 inches by 6 inches, 6 inches by 10 inches. Mount to solid backs with angle brackets, or to seats with offset brackets or mounting rail brackets. Custom foam and pad sizes available. Full side pads available in 12 colors, curved pads in black only.

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