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Say And Do Sound Production, Flip Book And Activities For Apraxia

The Say and Do Flip Book contains four identical sections of illustrated cards. The cards provide a visual model of how to produce vowels and consonants at the sound, syllable, and word levels. Each card section is arranged by place of production, beginning at the front of the mouth and working towards the back.

Swap And Fix Card Games

Swap and Fix Card Games are reading and spelling skills card games designed for use by students with learning disabilities. These games are suitable for two to four players. There are 28 different Swap games in four sets and seven different Fix games in one set. Each game consists of a pack of 42 word cards, eight Swap or Fix cards, and a word list. There are three, four, five, or six suits (word families or prefix/suffix types) in each pack of cards. The cards are colorful but uncluttered and e

Weber Articulation Cards

Weber Articulation Cards are colorful pronunciation cards that come in pairs. Sets or individual packs can be purchased with emphasis on B, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, P, R, S, T, V, Z, CH, SH, L Blend, R Blend or S Blend articulations, as well as Animal Artic packs. Each deck has its own tin box.

Parent Category: Reading and Writing Skills

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