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Bilateral Accessory (Model 1010)

The Bilateral Accessory, model 1010, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed to work on flexion/extension patterns, bilateral activity, gross motor planning and vestibular balance for persons with physical handicaps. It is meant to be used with the Southpaw Bolster Swing (see separate entry) for clients of all ages. It can also be adapted to most other Southpaw suspended equipment. The Bilateral Accessory comes with a rope, pulley, two adjustable handles and a special snap. GUARANTEE: One full

Challenge Circuit (Model Ch7000)

The Challenge Circuit, model CH7000, is a weight exercise machine designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury. This multi-purpose weight-training machine is equipped with various stations that allow paraplegics or quadriplegics to get a complete and total workout. It is a space-efficient, single-stack unit that enables individuals with varied arm and hand strength to perform at a comfortable level with little or no assistance. Exercise stations include a lat pull station for lat pull

Chrome Pulley Unit (Models Nk 665 & Nk 665D)

The Chrome Pulley Unit is an overhead therapeutic pulley designed to assist an individual in an exercise program requiring prone, sitting or standing exercises. The unit has complete floor to ceiling adjustment to allow for any angle of pull required for exercise program. The unit is chrome plated and equipped with 200 pound test nylon cables, aluminum pull handle, ankle wrist cuff, and six 2 1/2 pound slotted disc weights. The overhead pulley system is built into the unit and can fit in a room

Door Pulley, The (Model H70908)

The Door Pulley, model H70908, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for upper extremity exercises. The device is easy to set up and remove; it fits over the top edge of any door up to 1.75 inches thick. Rubber bumbers protect the door's surface. A 1.75-inch diameter, low friction plastic swivel and pulley, two hand stirrups with wood grips, and a high strength rope are included. The plated metal frame extends out 15 inches from the door. WEIGHT: Shipping weight is 3 pounds.

Economy Overdoor Pulley (Model 8601)

The Economy Overdoor Pulley, model 8601, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Used to maintain or regain shoulder range of motion and rebuild muscle strength, the unit features two handles; the stronger arm pulls the affected arm in a gentle forward stretching motion. Sand weights (not included) can be attached to the pulleys to help build strength. OPTIONS: Holding mitts to keep the hand in position.

Elgin Exercise Unit (Model A 1500)

Overhead pulley exercise unit. Steel framed table with attached weight pan assembly. Table is made of heavy gauge tubular steel with vinyl covered, foam padded top. Attachments and accessories available for upper or lower extremity exercises. 8 feet long, 32 inches wide, 82 1/2 inches high. Weight 665 pounds.

Elgin Wall Pulley System (Models 550, 575, 750, & 702)

Wall pulley system for cervical or pelvic traction and extremity exercises. Two pulley systems adjustable over length of vertical column, rope slack adjusters, and slotted ball bearing pulleys. Heavy gauge tubular steel with baked enamel finish. Includes cast iron weights, stirrup handles, holding mitts, aluminum bar, nylon thigh, ankle, and wrist cuffs with velcro, foot stirrup, weight racks, nylon rope, mounting boards and brackets. Model 575 has an overhead bar attachment with 2 slotted pulle

Exercise Pulley Set (Model P1102)

The Overhead Pulley Set, model P1102, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Designed to help maintain and restore shoulder, arm, and upper torso mobility, the unit installs over any door and features two square handgrips.

Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley

The Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley is an overhead exerciser designed to increase and maintain range of motion in all planes of shoulder movement. Designed with a smooth gliding action, it virtually eliminates the friction and snags that cause rope degradation. It can be used on the top or along the side of a door.

Lifeline Wall Pulley System & Portable Lifeline Gym

The Lifeline Wall Pulley System is an overhead pully arm exerciser designed to provide therapuetic or body-building exercises based on the principle of variable resistance in home or clinical settings for able-bodied individuals, wheelchair users, and others in physical rehabilitation. This wall-mounted system includes three 28 7/8-inch channels which are mounted to a stud (lag bolts included). A 10-inch overhang unit is mounted to the top of the channel to allow for clearance from the wall for

Overdoor Exercise Pulley

The Overdoor Exercise Pulley is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This exerciser clamps over any door and features large, ergonomic handgrips.

P T Pulley Frame (Model Sw16)

Pulley frame. Can be used with mat table, treatment table, wheelchair, or stationary chair. Includes 2 adjustable pulley mounts, additional mounts can be added. Solid oak with steel supports. Must be mounted to wall and ceiling. Dimensions 86 inches high by 36 inches wide by 84 inches long. Wall and ceiling mounting hardware is not provided. Large variety of pulley frame accessories available.


RangeMaster is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This overhead shoulder pulley system has adjustable length line, a self lubricating nylon-roller swivle-eye pulley, and wood handles. It comes with a home exercise guide with extensive exercise options. OPTIONS: Portable metal door bracket or non-slip webbing door strap.

Ranger 92 Shoulder Pulley

The Ranger 92 Shoulder Pulley is an exercise aid designed to increase or maintain the shoulder's range of motion. This overhead device features a stainless steel mounting bracket that can be placed on the top or along the side of a door, and it also includes a sliding loop handle designed to provide grip assistance when desired. An exercise booklet is also included.

Rolyan Reach 'n Range Overhead Pulley (Model

The Rolyan Reach 'N Range Overhead Pulley, model A873620, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities and/or who use wheelchairs. Used for rebuilding muscles or increasing range of motion (ROM), the unit features a dual overhead pulley for extra stability and can be used with the weights on one handle to counterbalance the strength of the other arm. Weights can be added when needed. Other features include an adjustable ROM stop, padded contou

Rolyan Reach 'n Range Pulley With Assist

The Rolyan Reach 'N Range Pulley With Assist, is an over-the door pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities and/or who use wheelchairs. Used for strengthening shoulders or increasing range of motion (ROM), the lightweight, compact, portable unit features an adjustable ROM stop, padded contoured handles, and adjustable line length.The unit is available with a webbing strap or a metal bracket for door attachment.

Shoulder Exerciser System

The Shoulder Exerciser System is an overhead pulley exerciser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The metal pulley system features a removable over-door mounting system. Designed to build upper body strength, the system can be used with one or two hands.


The SuperTrapeze is a support bar designed for use with Healthcraft's SuperPole. The add-on allows a user to pull themselves in an upright position out of bed or off a couch. The two offset ladder rungs help to improve arm strength and increase back comfort. The device can be stowed when not in use.

Track, The

The Track is a wall-mounted pulley exercise system designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, or spinal cord injury. Designed to increase strength by utilizing adjustable color-coded iron weights, the unit features one 25-pound color-coded stack in 5-pound increments. The system also includes two single hand grips and a Velcro strap for individuals with limited finger dexterity and for lower extremity exercises. OPTIONS: Cervical cap with 1-, 2-, or 3-pound weights.

Whirl Wheelie (Model 3425)

The Whirl Wheelie, model 3425, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed to stimulate clients visually while encouraging bilateral stimulation for hemiplegic individuals. By pulling on the end of each cord with both hands, the disc containing spiral patterns spins around. It is manufactured with high quality materials to ensure long life and comes with four additional disc and a special holder. GUAARANTEE: One full year from shipping date.

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