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Glo Panel

The Glo Panel is a lightweight, portable lightbox that promotes sensory play and science exploration. Children can investigate colors, light, textures, manipulatives, real-life objects and more. The panel features a large, backlit viewing surface, protective plastic cover and low-voltage, long-life bulbs. Wall mountable and includes an AC adaptor.

Light Box (Model 1-08660-00)

The Light Box, model 1-08660-00, is a light box designed for use in visual stimulation and training activities for individuals with low vision. Used with overlays and other materials, this light box stimulates awareness of light, color and objects and assists in the development of tracking, scanning, eye hand coordination, visual discrimination, and visual perceptual skills. A translucent white, plexiglass work surface is illuminated from below, providing an even, high contrast background for op

Light Box Materials, Level I

The Light Box Materials, Level I (Catalog No. 1-08670-00), are for use with the APH Light Box (Model 1-08660-00). See separate entry for Light Box and Level II materials. The materials are intended to train basic visual skills, eye-hand coordination and simple matching for visually handicapped and multihandicapped, visually impaired students. The first set in a series of progressive education materials developed for ages 0 to 4 years. Included is an instructional guidebook (7-70010-00, available

Light Box Materials, Level Ii

The Light Box Materials, Level II (Catalog No. 1-08680-00), are for use with the APH Light Box (Model No. 1-08660-00). See separate entry for Light Box and Level I materials. Second set in the series teaches visually handicapped students matching and identification, part vs. whole relationships, sequencing, pattern duplication, spatial relationships, and visual memory. Uses concrete objects, stencils and cutouts. The kit consists of: instructional guidebook with over 100 activities; over 400 eas

Light Table

The Light Table is a light box designed to provide a lighted, tilted surface that is accessible for a person with a disability to view slides and transparencies. The table consists of a wooden casing with a translucent acrylic surface. The viewing surface is angled and illuminated from underneath with a fluorescent light. Separate on/off switches are easily accessible from the left side. The unit is intended to be portable. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Paul Cermak for persons who find conv


DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable a child with vision loss to see objects. The lightbox is constructed of plywood and contains a number of low-wattage 110-volt bulbs to spread light evenly and a rheostat to control light intensity. The top is made of white plastic to further difusse the light. The box is hinged to obtain the desired angle to the line of sight. The bottom of the unit is covered with a non-slip material and the box has a number of small holes to disipate heat. TITLE: T

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