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Folding Infant Rocker

The Folding Infant Rocker is an infant prone rocker designed for use by infants with neurological disabilities. Designed for infants in need of vestibular relaxation, this sling design cradles the baby like a mother’s arms. The infant’s own motion creates a sense of equilibrium. Features include a front feet that adjust the amount of rocking or stop the rocker completely and colorful spinning characters situated on a removable toy bar to engage the infant and help with focusing. The upholstery

Gunnell Rpr Prone Rocker

The Gunnell RPR Prone Rocker can assist the individual user in vestibular relaxation, postural and post nasal drainage and other stimuli. The prone rock is made of an ABS plastic arched base and plastic knee rest, both are covered with removeable padding. The tubular rocker frame is nylon coated and comes with a chest strap. DIMENSIONS: Accommodate users 36 to 52 inches tall.

Southpaw Sensory Rocker

The Southpaw Sensory Rockers are contoured rocking chairs that provide gentle sensory stimulation while holding the user in a cradled position. This positioning is fine for those who only need mild vestibular input.

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