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Canvas Walker Seat (Model W1218)

The Canvas Walker Seat, model W1218, is a seat for a walker designed for use by people with mobility and balance disabilities. Designed for use on walkers with dual front crossbars. this seat installs on four points of the frame and folds out of the way when not in use. CAPACITY: 250 pounds.

Carex Ultra Ride Rollator Transport Chair

The Carex Ultra Ride Rollator Transport Chair is a rollator and transport chair in one, designed for individuals who have walking disabilities and persons who can safely use both a walker and a transport chair. Adjustable locking brake handles. Large capacity storage bag. Wide backrest; seatbelt included. Folding footrest. Shipping/Handling is $14.80-$45.80.

Do It Yourself Walker Seat

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: The DIY Walker Seat allows those who don't have a walker seat attachment or a seat nearby, sit and relax when he or she needs rest. Nylon webbing, steel rings and basic stitching aid in the creation of this seat. COMMENTS: Certain walkers do not come standard with a seat attachment, making it difficult for those who need frequent rests to utilize their walker effectively.

Seat For U-Step Walker

The Seat for U-Step Walker is a walker accessory designed for individuals with mobility difficulty. It allows the user to take breaks while walking and aims to make users feel more independent and able to walk longer distances, while taking breaks. It can stay on the seat while folding up the walker.

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