Pulmonary Monitor

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Deluxe Pulse Oximeter (Model Px-100)

The Deluxe Pulse Oximeter is designed for athletes or persons doing recreational activities to check their pulse rate and oxygen level. Non-invasive. Tolerates movement and fingernail polish. Adjustable display orientation. Large display. Lanyard and storage pouch included. Clinically validated.

Peak Flow Monitor (Model 43.000) & Low Range (Model 43.100)

Pulmonary monitor measures and records changes in airway obstruction. Measures the peak flow rate. Rectangular shaped scale with pointer and mouthpiece. Scale is calibrated in liters per minute. User exhales into mouthpiece after maximum inspiration. Pointer on scale marks the total number of liters per minute exhaled. Also available in low range scale, catalog number 43 100.

Parent Category: Respiratory Monitors

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