Velvet Loop Material for Velcro

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Deluxe Neck Cushion

The deluxe neck cushion is designed for individuals with a disability that causes neck pain. The inflatable cushion has three air chambers that expand vertically to provide back traction and gently stretches the neck and shoulders. Also helps relieve pain from compressed desks. Portable- use anywhere. Fits most necks. Purple. Smooth velvet material. Be sure slow air release valve is closed before pumping. Hook and Loop Fasteners.

Rolyan Introductory Splinting Kit (Model A783101)

The Rolyan Introductory Splinting Kit, model A783101, is a set of products designed to enable medical and therapy professionals to fit and create splints for people with upper or lower extremity disabilities, including splinting material, splint straps, velvet loop material for Velcro, and a goniometer. Included in this kit is one sheet of solid Aquaplast Resilient-T, sheets of solid Ezeform, Aquaplast ProDrape-T, Synergy, and Polyflex II (see also separate entries). This kit also offers pieces

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