Temporary Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

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Ambulation Aid For Nonweightbearing Foot And Ankle Injuries.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Ambulation aid which holds the leg at a 90 degree angle, allowing someone with a foot or ankle injury to bear the weight on the knee and shin, alleviating the need for crutches. Describes weight bearing brace which resembles a crutch cut down with a padded trough at knee level to support the leg at a 90 degree angle. There are two straps that go around the thigh, and a support over the trochanter. Works on the principle of a prosthesis. COMMENTS: May b

D.I.Y. Kneeguards

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Kneeguards help cushion the knees for those whose physical ailments require them to walk primarily using their knees. Reisen molds, silicone and stretch fabric make up these cushioned kneeguards. COMMENTS: For those who have mobility diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, the kneepads can allow one's knees to become an effective way to independently move around. SKILLS REQUIRED: Motor skills. AUTHOR: Timothy Demaegdt. TITLE: Kneeguards. REF: Instructabl

Incredibrace Knee Support

The Incredibrace knee support is designed for a young adult to adult with arthritis or other disabilities which affect the knee joint. The Incredibrace is made out of soft and stretchy material and fits snugly around the knee, from mid-thigh to upper-calf. The Incredibrace is retains heat around muscles, helps promote blood flow and healing. It is made from germanium fiber, bamboo charcoal, and spandex. Is machine washable.

Rolyan Aquaform Tibia Fracture Brace (Models A175116, A175117 & A175118)

The Rolyan AquaForm Tibia Fracture Brace, models A175116, A175117 and A175118, are temporary knee ankle foot orthoses designed for use by individuals with tibia fractures and lower extremity disabilities. Pre-cut from perforated Aquaplast-T material, these lightweight splints are radiolucent to permit X-rays without removal and is custom molded and remoldable to accommodate changes. A zipper also provides a custom fit without added bulk. SIZES: Small, medium, or large.

Universal Femur Splint & Universal Tibia Splint

The Universal Femur Splint is an above knee posterior splint and the Universal Tibia Splint is a temporary ankle foot orthoses designed to provide temporary immobilization and positioning while maintaining the foot in a slightly plantarflexed position. Made of rigid polystyrene, these splints can be autoclaved and they permit radiographic examination. SIZES: Small, medium, large, and extra-large. DIMENSIONS: The small Femur Splint is 14 inches long, the medium is 19.5 inches long, the large is 2

Urias Pressure Splints (Model 3821 Series & Model 3823L)

Urias Pressure Splints, model 3821 Series, and model 3823L, are inflatable hand and ankle foot orthoses and wrist and forearm splints designed for therapy and proper limb positioning for use by adults with upper or lower extremity disabilities, neurological disabilities, or cerebral palsy. Designed to inhibit spasticity, assist movement patterns, expedite weight bearing and reduce edema, each splint consists of a double layer of washable PVC sheeting and features a plastic zipper closure for eas

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