Wrist Support Orthosis

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The Dual-Flex is a wrist support orthosis designed for use by individuals with hand or wrist injuries, arthritis, or other upper extremity disabilities. Designed to provide firm support, this wrist brace is constructed of nylon for comfort and longer wear. Features include four stays on the front and back to limit flexion (downward) and extension (upward) movement and encourage neutral wrist positioning. The nylon reinforced elastic straps wrap completely around the wrist and fasten with hook an

Futuro Energizing Support Glove

The Futuro Energizing Support Glove is a hand and wrist support glove designed for use by individuals with arthritis or hand or wrist pain. This open-finger glove is designed for all day wear and is useful for typing, crafts, needlework, or repetitive tasks. It can be worn on the right or left hand. The strap wraps around the wrist and the fastener is secured by an adjustable Velcro strip. The glove is hand washable only and fastener should be closed before washing. SIZE: Small, medium, or large

Incredibrace Wrist Support

The Incredibrace Wrist Support is a wrist orthosis designed for use by individuals with wrist weakness, arthritis, or circulatory or upper extremity disabilities. The addition of a patented organic blend of germanium fiber and bamboo charcoal blend is intended to address discomfort related to circulatory issues or a sports-related injury, tendinitis, or injury from repetitive use. The brace also is designed to help reduce swelling and improve range of motion. It is antimicrobial, odor absorbing

Incredibrace Wrist Support

The Incredibrace wrist support is designed for individuals with a disability that affects movement of the wrist or as a result of a disability, the wrist is weaker than usual. This individual may have arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, for instance. Is made out of material that fits snugly around wrist and stretches to mid-forearm. The incredibrace is machine washable, retains heat around muscles and ligaments in wrist. This helps promote blood flow and healing.


The Rist-Rap is a wrist support orthosis designed for use by individuals with wrist strain or weakness of the wrist. Designed to provide wrist support while lifting or during other activities, this support consists of an elastic wrapping that encompasses the wrist and fastens with hook and loop closure. A thumb loop provides additional support. OPTIONS: Available without thumb loop. SIZE: One size fits all. COLOR: Black.


The SaeboStretch is a dynamic hand and wrist splint designed for use by individuals with neurological injuries such as stroke or traumatic brain injury. The SaeboStretch allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by associated reactions and tone. In addition, it utilizes a low-load, long-duration stretch to return the fingers to the desired position. The splint prevents deformity, joint damage, hypermobility, and contractures. The SaeboStretch includes three interchangeable hand pieces, e

Theratogs Ultra Wrist And Thumb Positioning System

The TheraTogs ULTRA Wrist and Thumb Positioning System is a versatile and flexible alignment aide and is meant for use only by those who can correct their thumb and wrist alignment on their own without force. This system is meant to improve wrist and thumb stability, restore the palm arch, reduce flexible ulnar deviation, assist in reducing forearm pronation or supination, and to relieve pain associated with misalignment. OPTIONS: Can be used along with TheraTogs strapping application from shoul


The WrisTimer is a wrist support designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist strain or other hand or finger injuries or disabilities. This wrist support reduces wrist strain associated with repetitive motion tasks by limiting the wrist flexion during work on computers and other common job tasks. The device allows for a full range of motion, permits easy adjustment for different size hands, and provides stable and comfortable wrist compression. The WrisTimer has an adjustab

Wristimer Pm

The WrisTimer PM is a wrist support orthosis designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist or hand pain. Designed to be worn at night, this wrist support is intended to reduce pressure on the median nerve during sleep. Made of foam padding, this device conforms to the hand, wrist and forearm as it holds the wrist in a neutral position to reduce inflammation. Dorsa application prevents damaging of flexion of the wrist. Features include a Velcro adjustable strap for a

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