Shovel with Angled Handle

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Back-Saver Po-Lyte, Back-Saver / Lite, And Back-Saver Snow Shovel (Models 27P-Bs, 22-Bs, & 28P-Bs)

The Back-Saver Po-Lyte, Lite, and Snow Shovels are shovels with angled handles designed to reduce the pain and stress associated with shoveling snow and bending over. They feature bent, steel tubular poles and a sturdy poly D-grip handles. The Po-Lyte, model 27P-BS, featrues a deep-dish polyethylene blade with a non-warp tip. It has a snap-button feature that locks the handle to the blade for facilitating disassembly for transport and storage. The Back-Saver Snow Shovel, model 22-BS, has a high-

Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel

The Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel is designed to prevent lower back strain. Unlike traditional snow shovels, the Snow Wolf utilizes a large wheel to provide leverage and help you reduce back pain and risk of injury. The Snow Wolf is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. It features a durable frame that folds down for easy storage and transport. In addition, there are a variety of accessories designed to help clear your walkways and driveways. OPTIONS: Snap-on wear strip, Gravel wheels

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