Cervical Traction System

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Portable supine traction device designed to control cervical pain. Includes metal floor stand and adjustable stabilizer which fits most beds, treatment tables and couches. The head halter ($20.00), used with or without its detachable chin strap, attaches to a rope pulley assembly on the frame. The user pulls on the rope handle until the desired tension (up to 50 pounds) is applied and then locks the rope in a locking cleat. C-Flex frame only, $243.00; neck roll, $25.00.

Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Relief Kit

The Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Relief Kit is a comprehensive neck care combo package designed to provide therapeutic support, traction, spinal alignment and overall relaxation to the cervical vertebrae of the neck for individuals with neck pain, headaches, muscle strain, poor circulation, and migraines. It consists of the Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter Cervical Traction Device and the Dr. Ho's HoPhysio Neck Utopia Massager.

Econo-Cerv (Models 431 & 433)

Cervical traction system with head halter. Attaches to door knob or hinged side of a door. Traction is provided by user who pulls on the rope handle until desired amount of traction is reached. Model 433 includes a calibrated scale to assist patient in applying the precise amount of traction prescribed. Both models come with head halter which has extra padding to firmly grip occipital ridge.

Elgin Wall Pulley System (Models 550, 575, 750, & 702)

Wall pulley system for cervical or pelvic traction and extremity exercises. Two pulley systems adjustable over length of vertical column, rope slack adjusters, and slotted ball bearing pulleys. Heavy gauge tubular steel with baked enamel finish. Includes cast iron weights, stirrup handles, holding mitts, aluminum bar, nylon thigh, ankle, and wrist cuffs with velcro, foot stirrup, weight racks, nylon rope, mounting boards and brackets. Model 575 has an overhead bar attachment with 2 slotted pulle

Releaf Neck Rest

The Releaf Neck Rest is designed for use by individuals who suffer from neck and shoulder tension as a result of sitting upright for long periods of time. Providing a lifting solution by temporarily supporting the weight of the head. Simply place the Releaf with the ergonomically designed chin indentation under the user’s chin, wrap the Velcro strapping around the neck, center the device and pull the lower edges for a comfortable fit. The flex tension construction allows for the Releaf Neck Rest

Split Cervical Collar / Head Halter (Model 5000)

The Split Cervical Collar/Head Halter is a combination cervical collar and cervical traction head halter designed for symptomatic relief of neck pain or injury. Made of medium firm foam, this collar is split in the center for use as a halter. It also features brass grommets at the end for connecting to cervical traction systems and hook-and-loop closure. SIZES: One size fits most. DIMENSIONS: Fits neck circumference from 14 to 18 inches. COLOR: Natural.

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