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Acuback Heat Roller For Back Pain Relief

The Acuback heat roller is designed to relieve tension with therapeutic warmth. IT is microwavable and offers back and neck support. Nubby or textured supports create acupuncture-like therapy to release tight muscles and the design recreates the natural curve of the lumbar spine. Realigns the upper back and neck. Place it under neck, lower back, legs, or hands. Warm in microwave for one minute for 75 minutes of deep, soothing heat. Carrying case included.

Cervical Support

Cervical support fabricated of plastazote and reinforced with kydex. Anterior and posterior chest supports with adjustable velcro chest straps, velcro neck closure. Opening for tracheotomy clearance. Small, medium, large.

Comfort Gel Pillow For Cool Head And Neck Therapy

The Comfort Gel Pillow for Cool Head and Neck Therapy is a pillow designed to cradle the head and reduce tension. The cool therapy and gel make-up is made for individuals with neck, shoulder, or spine swelling, or misalignment. Can also be used for the knees. Includes a gel pillow and a zippered case and two powder gel packs. The water gel cooling technology helps provide relief for the neck, shoulder, knees, etc. Gel is made by mixing the powder with distilled water. To adjust the firmness of t

Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Relief Kit

The Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Relief Kit is a comprehensive neck care combo package designed to provide therapeutic support, traction, spinal alignment and overall relaxation to the cervical vertebrae of the neck for individuals with neck pain, headaches, muscle strain, poor circulation, and migraines. It consists of the Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter Cervical Traction Device and the Dr. Ho's HoPhysio Neck Utopia Massager.

Hot / Cold Neck Support

The Hot/Cold Neck Support is a hot or cold pack designed for use by individuals with whiplash, arthritis of the neck or other neck pain. The neck support can also be used for muscle spasms, sore muscles, swelling, tension, and stress. This neck support provides firm support to the neck and Velcro closure ensures a proper fit. The neck support is made of terry fabric, and a moisture resistant lining prevents moisture buildup from heated or cooled gel pack. It comes with a gel pack that can be hea

Obus Supporting Roll

The OBUS Supporting Roll is a cylindrical pillow designed to provide support to either the lower back (lumbar area) or the neck (cervical area). This roll can be used in a chair or car seat. An elastic strap is included to hold the pillow in the desired position. The fabric cover can be removed and cleaned. DIMENSIONS: 12 inches wide, 4 inches in diameter. COLOR: Black, brown, burgundy, camel, grey, green, taupe, and two shades of blue.


Pronex Cervical traction device is designed to reduce cervical pain in patients with regular cervical pain. As the patient uses the bulbs to inflate the bellows there is always a release valve to release some of the air. the air can give the patient up to a 30 pound stretch. Supports head and neck, exerts force evenly, puts no pressure on the temporomandibular (TM) joint, supports normal curvature of the cervical spine and is portable.

Reizen Prism Bed Spectacles

The Reizen Prism bed spectacles are designed for persons under bed-rest, for a long-term or short-term condition, but can be used by anyone who is more comfortable lying down while reading or watching TV. These glasses allow a clear picture without straining of the neck. High quality lens and frames.

Releaf Neck Rest

The Releaf Neck Rest is designed for use by individuals who suffer from neck and shoulder tension as a result of sitting upright for long periods of time. Providing a lifting solution by temporarily supporting the weight of the head. Simply place the Releaf with the ergonomically designed chin indentation under the user’s chin, wrap the Velcro strapping around the neck, center the device and pull the lower edges for a comfortable fit. The flex tension construction allows for the Releaf Neck Rest

Rolyan Cervical Roll (Model A818301)

The Rolyan Cervical roll, model A818301, is a neck pillow designed to assist with cervical spine alignment for persons with cervical pain and stress. This foam roll is wrapped with a cotton cover and helps to encourage proper neck flexion. It can be machine washed and dried. DIMENSIONS: (Length x Width) 18 x 4.25 inches.

Shane's Neck Brace

Shane’s Neck Brace is a cervical support designed to provide neck support for individuals with muscle spasms, arthritis, or neck and upper spine disabilities. This support brace is waterproof, and it is made of flexible synthetic tubing which holds the head in an upright position. The product comes with different vertical link sizes, a Velcro fastener, and a washable black cover. The Neck Brace fits around the user's neck and provides 360-degree support and full range motion of the head. Each br

Therapeutic Pillows

Assorted cushions for lumbar or cervical support. Lumbar cushion with saddle hug wings or inverted edges, fits bench or bucket seats. Small dorsi-lumbar cushion 15 by 15 inches square. Large dorsi-lumbar cushion 15 by 19 inches. Lumbar cushions are firm foam with velvet covers. 21 inch twin lobe cervical pillow with smooth or convoluted texture, medium soft foam. Cervical roll 18 by 6 1/2 inches, medium soft polyester fiber. Zippered covers. Assorted colors.

Thermoskin Soft Cervical Collar (Model 8630)

The Thermoskin Soft Cervical Collar, model 8630, is a cervical support collar designed for use by individuals with neck and upper spine disabilities. Designed to provide support and restrict some movement for pinched nerves or minor neck injuries, this collar is positioned in the concave part of the collar, wrapped around the neck, and secured by applying the adjustable closure at the back. SIZES: Small, medium, large, and extra large.

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