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Bobles Tumbling Worm Chair

The Bobles Tumbling Worm Chair is designed for children who have a hard time sitting still in school and/or focusing on a particular task. The Worm chair is flat on one end and curved on the other end, which enables children to silently be in movement while sitting at their desk.

Cando Donut Ball

The CanDo Donut Ball offers a balance challenge. The shape promotes and aids in the development of core strength and balance improvement.

Inflatable Balance Barrel (Models 1330 & 1331)

The Inflatable Barrel Kit, model 1330 and 1331, is a kit to create a barrel roll using inner tubes designed to challenge motor skills and balance for individuals with a physical disability. Inner tubes with a large inner diameter are held together firmly with a special cover so that it becomes a large barrel. Clients can lay or sit inside or on top of the barrel. The kit comes with three inner tubes, a barrel cover and three valve stem covers to prevent scratches. OPTIONS: Tube Wraps to cover th

Kidlite Barrel (Model 1050)

The Kidlite Barrel, model 1050, is a balance barrel designed to provide body rotation and develop balance and coordination for individuals with a physical disability. It can also be used to supinate clients. The barrel is lined with vinyl and foam and covered on the outside with soft carpet and padded foam edges around the rim. DIMENSIONS: 25 inches long x 21 inches in diameter. CAPACITY: Working load is 250 pounds. GUARANTEE: One full year from shipping date.

Rainbow Barrel (Model W7120)

The Rainbow Barrel is a balance training device designed for use with children with neutological, perceptual, or motor disabilities. Made of molded urethane covered in vinyl coated nylon, this barrel has a hollow center and weight-bearing sides and can be used as a crawling tube, for balance activities, for coordination and spatial orientation activities, and more. DIMENSIONS (LxD: 47 x 32 inches. WEIGHT: 23 pounds. COLOR: Alternating blue, red, green, and exterior panels and a red interior.

Soft-Lite Barrel

Provide a quiet space, vestibular input, and heavy work with the Soft-Lite Barrel. Children can crawl through it to enhance spatial awareness and with movement, it provides strong vestibular input. This lightweight barrel weighs 20 pounds but has a working load of 225 pounds. DIMENSIONS: 28 inches outer diameter x 16 inches inner diameter x 36 inches long. CAPACITY: Accommodates up to 225 pounds user weight. WEIGHT: 20 pounds. COLOR: Variety. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Ucs Plug-N-Barrel

The Plug-N-Barrel is a balance roll designed to enhance mobility skills for toddlers with a physical disability. This equipment can be used in pre-school, day care, special education and physical therapy. It is designed for many uses including: rolling over the plug; crawling through the tunnel; or seting up an obstacle course. The Plug-N-Barrel is fabricated out of 21 oz. vinyl coated nylon fabric and high density foam. DIMENSIONS: Barrel measures 30 inches long with a 22 inch diameter, plug m

Ucs Rainbow Barrel

The UCS Rainbow Barrel is a balance training device and sensory integration activity designed for crawling and vestibular motion activities. The barrel has tapered ends and a wide crawl space running through it. The barrel is made of high density urethane foam and has a durable vinyl covering. DIMENSIONS: 42 inches long with 20-inch diameter openings. COLOR: Red, blue, yellow and green stripes.

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