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Accessible Washers And Dryers.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adaptation of coin operated, front loading washer and dryer to allow access to the controls for people in wheelchairs. The washer and dryer controls, normally at the top rear of the machines, were duplicated on panels at the front of each machine, attached to the original controls with flexible cable. Includes photograph. COMMENTS: For additional information contact: Dr Roy Norris, Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas, Rehabilitation Engineerin

Accessible Washers And Dryers.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Enables person in a wheelchair to reach controls on back panel of a washing machine or dryer. Controls are brought forward, even with the front of the machines. Rotary selection knob of washer connects by flexible cable to a large 3 pronged handle which provides leverage. Labeling of the various cycles was placed on a large circle immediately behind the control handle. Dryer cycle selection knobs are duplicated at the front of the machine by large circ

Bosch Vision 500 Series Dryer

The Bosch Vision 500 Series Dryer is a front loading clothes dryer designed for use by wheelchair users or individuals who are blind or have low vision. Controls are on the front of the unit above the loading door. The door hinges can be reversed from the left side to the right. The dryer has a dial control for selecting the drying time and tactile buttons to select the heat level. There is an LED status indicator. Drying options include a no-heat cycle, a denim cycle, and steam cycles to relax

Compact Dryer (Models Le4900Xt, Le4930Xt, & Lg4931Xt)

Compact clothes dryer. Electric. Control knobs on front panel. Side opening door on front. 3 cycles. 3.4 cubic foot drying drum, end of cycle signal, 1/3 horsepower motor, internal lint screen, automatic door shut off power 120 or 240/208 volts. Compact washer available. Has knob controls on front panel and top loading door.

GE Energy Star RightHeight Design Front Load Washer (Model GFWR4805FRR)

The GE® Energy Star® RightHeight™ Design Front Load Washer, model GFWR4805FRR, is a front load washer designed for people who use wheelchairs and for those who have the use of only one hand. This ADA-compliant washer is equipped with a tilted wash basket made of stainless steel, controls placed at eye-level, a door with see-thru glass, and a chrome pocket door handle. The RightHeight™ built-in pedestal raises this washer 7 inches above the ground, making loading and unloading more convenient. Th

Space Saving Dryer (Models Ddp 1260B & Ddp 1270B)

Electric clothes dryer. 23 1/2 inches wide. Control knobs located on front of dryer. 3 cycles: timed dry, delicate, automatic dry. 4 drying selections: regular, permanent press, delicate, no heat fluff. Front lint filter, end of cycle signal. 240/280 volts for built in mode. 120 volts for portable model. Unit can be installed on rack above a portable washer.

Whirlpool Duet Dryer

The Whirlpool Duet Dryer is a standard clothing dryer that features 10 different drying cycles. The Duet line is also useful to those with low vision or blindness as the setting controls allow for easy-to-feel differences and selection for each cycle. The "Up and Down" buttons facilitate changes in the cycles' default settings and the machine outputs patterns of descending tones which allow the verification of a specific choice by sound.

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