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Folding Crutches

Folding Crutches are designed to enable a user to easily dismantle and stow a pair of crutches in the panniers of a bicycle. The triple section crutches fasten together with spring loaded fittings. They include a swiveling forearm support, a handle, and a rubber base. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Yoel Guttmann for a user with one leg who travels by bicycle. Standard crutches are too long and awkward to stow on a bicycle, but these crutches are intended to dismantle for easy stowage and tra

Millennial Advantage Crutch, The (Models Mwd500 & Mwd1000)

The Millennial Advantage Crutch is a folding axillary crutch designed for use by individuals with walking or lower extremity disabilities. This spring-assisted ergonomic crutch features an underarm cradle, an ergonomic handgrip, and a power-assist shock-absorbing tip. These crutches fold in half for storage or transport. Model MWD500 fits persons 4 feet,6 inches tall to 5 feet, 7 inches tall and Model MWD1000 fits individuals 5 feet, 7 inches tall to 6 feet, 8 inches tall. CAPACITY: 400 pounds.

Millennial Crutch -- Set Of Two -- Large

Millennial Crutch-Set of 2-Large are designed for tall individuals with the use of only 1 leg, to assist them in walking or those who use crutches for walking. Shock-absorbing. This set of 2 crutches have an ergonomic grip and help the user maintain proper posture, reducing the chance of injury. The ergonomic grip is at an angle of 12 degrees, allowing for blood flow and reducing trauma to the nervous system. Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendinitis. The crutches also have an under ar

Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches

Millennial In-Motion Pro Crutches are designed for use by individuals with walking or lower extremity disabilities. The patented In-Motion spring-assisted tip and unique folding design is an alternative to standard crutches. The ergonomic design works with the user to maintain proper posture, relieve damaging stress on your hands and wrists, and reduce the overall chance of secondary injury. The In-Motion Pro Crutches have been designed from the ground up to address the problems associated wi

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