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Donjoy Vista Rehab Management System

The DonJoy Vista Rehab Management System is an exercise monitor and motion evaluation system designed for use by individuals engaged in an exercise program as part of orthopedic rehabilitation of the lower extremity. The system provides biofeedback for individuals undergoing rehabilitation during exercise while creating documentation for clinicians. The system has three components: an instrumented leg brace, a handheld patient device, and clinician software. The software enables the clinician to

Exercise System

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted exercise system for an individual who has hemiplegia following stroke. For individuals who have had a stroke and now have reduced strength on one side can strengthen and re-stabilize should protraction through practiced movements using an exercise system. The system assists the individual retraining the brain to create new pathways damaged from the stroke. The traditional method of practicing shoulder protraction was not id

Vector Gait & Safety System

Vector Gait & Safety System is designed for individuals recovering from stroke, amputations, orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries. Patient falls are the number one risk during the rehabilitation process and contribute to a loss of confidence, anxiety, activity restriction and injury. The Vector Gait and Safety System® helps to promote patient mobility and independence while reducing the risk of injury to both patients and therapists. Leveraging dynamic body weight support (DBWS),

Versaclimber (Clinical Model, Cl-108C)

VersaClimber is a step-pedal-climb exercise machine for non-weight bearing sit down or stand up exercise for arms only, legs only, or arms and legs. It was designed for and is in use by various levels of paraplegics; leg injured individuals; brain, spinal cord injury, and stroke individuals; individuals needing cardiac rehabilitation; and persons with acute/chronic back injury/pain. The original VersaClimber is a zero impact, hydraulically resisted, vertical climbing machine that provides total

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