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Adjustable J Hook Bracket Hardware Seating Package (Package 20Xx)

The Adjustable J Hook Bracket Hardware Seating Package, package 20XX, is seating hardware designed for use on a wheelchair. The Package includes a solid back insert including T-nuts; a solid seat insert including T-nuts; a wide, 1.5-inch offset seat to back hinge; a pair of 1- inch diameter tube two-hole J hooks; a pair of five-hole adjustable L brackets; a pair of 1-inch diameter tube six-hole J hooks; a pair of two-hole adjustable L brackets; a 1-inch diameter tube drop stop; and a 1-inch diam

Adjustable Split Solid Seat Insert (Model Ssp80Xx)

The Adjustable Split Solid Seat Insert, model SSP80XX, is a solid seat insert designed for use on wheelchairs. The solid seat insert includes HR foam, T-nuts, and an adjustable split seat, model MOD4900. DIMENSIONS: The foam is 1.5 inches thick.

Alimed Aerocell Ii Pressure Relieving Wheelchair Cushions

The Alimed Aerocell II is a wheelchair cushion cover designed for individuals at risk of developing pressure sores. The cushion distributes pressure for even positioning for a more relaxed and comfortable sitting experience. The device is made out of black stretch nylon and its cover is washable. DIMENSIONS: Standard size is 18 inches length x 20 inches width x 4 inches depth. CAPACITY: 440 pound capacity. WEIGHT: 3.5 pounds. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Anti-Thrust Solid Seat Insert (Model Ssp40Xx)

The Anti-Thrust Solid Seat Insert, model SSP40XX, is a solid seat insert designed for use on wheelchairs. The solid seat insert includes HR foam, T-nuts, and an anti-thrust seat, model MOD4400. DIMENSIONS: The foam is 1.5-inches thick.

Cpsc Standard Pommel Seat (Models Sp-01 Thru Sp-06)

Wheelchair seat insert with integral pelvic bolsters and tapered side sections for pelvic centralization. Has a 15 degree wedged seat, a thigh shelf and an integral abduction pommel to provide good positioning and weight distribution. Standard cushion is removable and vinyl covered. Options include polyfoam or viscofoam cushion, lateral padding, reinforced side panels. 7 sizes: 11 inches wide by 13 inches deep, 12 by 14 inches, 13 by 17 1/2 inches, 14 by 18 inches, 15 by 20 1/ 2 inches, 16 by 20

Cpsc Transfer Seat (Models Ts-02, Ts-04, & Ts-06)

Wheelchair insert with integral pelvic bolsters and tapered side sections for pelvic centralization. Seat has 7 slope and a flat front profile. Unit clips directly over the wheelchair seat frame tubes, it seats the persons lower than normal for easier transfers, while still providing appropriate positioning.

Drop Base

The Drop Base is a ABS plastic solid seat panel with cutouts for wheelchair cross braces designed to allow the mounting of custom or commercial seat cushions level with or below seat rail level. The panel fits between the seat rails, with 1- and 2-inch drop hooks to fit 7/8-inch or 1-inch rails. DIMENSIONS: Sized to fit 16 and 18 inch widths.

Drop Seat And Cushions (Models 6540, 654020, 6541, & 6519)

The Drop Seat and Cushions is a solid seat insert and a gel and foam or foam seat cushion designed to lower the height of wheelchair seats to enable self-propulsion using the feet or to enable the user to reach the footplates to stop sliding. This seat can be used with standard or hemi chairs and lowers the center of gravity, making the chair less likely to tip. This seat attaches to the frame in place of the standard seat without the use of tools. A drop seat gel and foam cushion to reduce the

Drop Seat Base And Hardware

The Drop Seat Base ($42.50) and Hardware ($169) are a combination solid seat insert and adjustable hook hardware designed to fit 7/8 or 1 inch diameter wheelchair seat rails. Gravity hook assemblies allow automatic locking of the seat base onto the frame. It requires cutting of the plate to accommodate wheelchair cross-frame tubes, and drilling to mount hardware in appropriate locations.

Drop Seats (Models 31649, 31651, 31655, & 31656)

Drop Seats are solid seat inserts are designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Made of seven-ply birch, these seats have pre-drilled mounting holes and include T-nuts. Cutout slots fit around chair frame crossmembers. DIMENSIONS: Model 31649 fits chairs with 14-inch seats and is 14 x 11 inches; model 31651 fits chairs with 16-inch seats and is 15 x 13 inches; model 31655 fits chairs with 18-inch seats and is 17 x 15 inches; and model 31656 fits chairs with 20-inch seats and is 19 x 1

Jay Adjustable Solid Seat

The Jay Adjustable Solid Seat is a solid seat insert designed to improve posture by providing a firm, fully-adjustable base of support. The seat is adjustable in height, width, depth, and angle to allow an immediate fit and future change, when needed. The seat is made of rib-reinforced urethane and has an anti-slide surface so that cushions will not shift. The seat insert is designed to fit all wheelchairs; the universal cross-bar cut-out allows dropping the seat depth on virtually all wheelchai

Modular Seat And Back Cushions

The Modular Seat and Back Cushions are designed to work with custom systems or replace standard wheelchair upholstery. The cushions ($68 and up) are made of foam, with an easy to clean skin surface. The back pads ($23 and up) may be installed permanently with glue, attached with velcro, or bolted to the seats with hardware.

Orthotic Drop Seat (Model 6331)

The Orthotic Drop Seat, model 6331, is a solid seat insert designed to lower a wheelchair seat to enable foot propulsion of a wheelchair or to enable the user to reach the footplates. This seat replaces a standard sling seat and provides adjustable drop and it may be configured to create a wedge to prevent forward sliding. A removable padded, wipe-clean vinyl cover is included. DIMENSIONS: This seat fits 18-inch wide chairs and the drop is adjustable up to 3.5 inches.

Pommel Sit-Straight

The Pommel Sit-Straight is a foam seat cushion with a built-in pommel for abduction designed to reduce sacral sitting and to limit forward movement of the pelvis of individuals using sling seat style wheelchairs. The cushion has a concave bottom and a flat top. The pommel reduces the danger of adduction contracture and has a core that extends through the cushion to the cushion base for added stability. The material of the surface of both the cushion and the pommel is made of T-Foam (see separate

Quick Release Seat (Model 101-7000)

Solid seat, 1/2 inch marine grade plywood and 1 1/2 inches of foam padding, naugahyde upholstery. Quick release brackets fit 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch and 1 inch tubing. The bracket has a latch that pivots for easy quick release. Seat comes with multi-adjustable brackets. Seats are cut to fit between the rails.

Sammons Preston Solid Seat Insert

The Sammons Preston Solid Seat Insert is designed for use in wheelchairs with sling seats. This semi-rigid closed-cell foam insert provides a firm, flat seating surface in sling seats. This surface also helps improve posture by helping to balance the pelvis and distribute weight over the hips and thighs. This insert is available in standard, narrow, or relaxed-fit styles. DIMENSIONS (WxD): The standard model is 18 x 16 inches, the narrow model is 16 x 16 inches, and the relaxed-fit model is 20

Seat Board.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Eliminates the sling effect from a wheelchair sling seat, provides a solid seating platform. Diagram and direction for making a wooden seat support for a wheelchair. the board should be placed between, not on, the rails to which the seat is fastened. Similar to commercially available product. SKILLS REQUIRED: woodworking AUTHOR: Gavee, B. TITLE: Wheelchair and Accessories REF: Book: Accent Press, Bloomington, IL; p 45. NARIC CALL NUMBER: R0848. 1981.

Seating Support

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted seating support for a child with dystonic cerebral palsy. When sitting in a chair, the child pushes his pelvis forward and becomes uncomfortable, and the child concentrates more on sitting than on his books, crafts, and other activities. The family attempted to remedy the seating issue by adding a two-piece insert, the commercially available “tomato seat;" however, this device did not secure properly to the chair. The child

Solid Drop Seat Systems (Models 31642 & 31643)

Solid Drop Seat Systems are solid seat inserts designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. The systems include a seven-ply birch solid seat insert and jeavy-duty J-brackets that may be adjusted to raise or lower the seat to achieve proper positioning for the user. The seat features cut out slots to fit around frame crossmembers. DIMENSIONS: The seat insert is 3/8-inch thick. Model 31642 fits chairs with a 16-inch seat and is 13 x 16 inches. Model 3143 fits chairs with 18-inch seats and

Solid Seat

Custom size solid seat with 1 inch medium density foam on 1/2 inch birch plywood. Upholstered with cover foam and vinyl cover. T-nuts for hardware attachment and abductor mounting. Custom foams available. Modifications available include anti-thrust seat, leg length discrepancy, and built-in abductor. May be ordered without aluminum hardware, or mounted to chair with cinch straps, stationary knob- release hardware, adjustable angle knob-release hardware, non- adjustable drop hooks, or adjustable

Solid Seat (Model Ss1000)

The Solid Seat, model SS1000, is a drop seat for a wheelchair designed for use by individuals with a need for a lower seat due either to a high cushion or who propel the wheelchair with their feet. The Drop Seat is made of durable HDPP and fits most manual and powered wheelchairs. The hole pattern accomodates one-inch mounting increments. Velcro strips are provided to secure a cushion. The hardware adjusts from one-inch above a tube frame to 3 inches below a tube frame. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Avai

Solid Seat And Back

Solid seat and back inserts. Hardwood plywood base with firm foam padding. Naugahyde cover. Various hardware styles and clamps attach units to wheelchair. Customized to fit any wheelchair frame; manual, power drive, travel chair or sport chair. Back insert models: T-back, R- back or with straps.

Solid Seat Insert (Model 94)

The Solid Seat Insert, model 94, is designed for use in wheelchairs with sling upholstery to provide additional seating support. The insert has a rigid base with a foam liner.

Solid Seat Inserts (Models 31640, 31641, 31645, 31646, 31647, & 31648)

Solid Seat Inserts are designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Available in a choice of seven-ply birch wood or paper phenolic with or without a hand hole, these inserts can be used in a standard sling seat to provide support for a cushion or as a base for a custom seating system. DIMENSIONS:Models 31640, 31645, and 31647 are 16 x 16 inches. Models 31641, 31646, and 31648 are 16 x 18 inches. The birch models are 3/8-inch thick. COLOR: Models 31647 and 31648 are black. The other mode

Solid Seat With Adjustable Brackets And Split Collar Clamps (Model 101-4000)

Solid seat, 1/2 inch marine grade plywood with 1 1/2 inches of foam padding, naugahyde upholstery. Brackets allow up to 3 inches of drop or 3 inches of raise in seat, or tilt in seat to accomodate needed angle of hip flexion. Can be fixed or removable depending on placement of the clamps. Seats are cut to fit between the rails.

Solid Seat With Attaching Hardware (Model Ee1) & Solid Back (Model Ee2)

Solid seat and back, 1/2 inch marine grade plywood and 1 1/2 inches of foam padding. Hardware is designed to allow adjustment of seat to back angle, seating depth and flexion. Naugahyde upholstery. Full of cushion is rounded. Custom widths.

Solid Seats (Models 101-1000, 101-2000, & 101-3000)

Adaptive solid seat, 1/2 inch plywood base, 1 to 1 1/2 inch foam padding. Naugahyde, shelterite or synthetic lambswool covers. Any width or depth available. Special modifications available include cutouts, leg length discrepancy, wedge cut, special foam, anti-thrust cushion. Available with or without mounting hardware.

T-Gel Plus Solid Seat Insert Cushion

The T-Gel Plus Solid Seat Insert (SSI) Cushion, models 1294 and 1295, is a combination cushion utilizing the Alimed Solid Seat Insert and a dry flotation T-Gel Plus Cushion (see separate entries). The cushion is intended to correct positioning of individuals in nsling seat style wheelchairs by providing a flatter sitting base. This semi-rigid base is 3.5 inches thick and creates a more stable sitting surface. DIMENSIONS:16 x 16 inches (no. 1294) or 16 x 18 inches (no. 1295).

Tms Solids, Solid Insert Seats And Backs

Solid seat and back inserts. Plywood base with padded foam and vinyl cover. Available in standard adult, narrow adult. Fits over regular seat and back. Back secured over push handles with fabric loops.

Varilite Solid Insert

The Varilite Solid Insert is a solid seat insert designed for use in wheelchairs by individuals with lower extremity disabilities, mobility disabilities, and spinal cord injury. This insert is placed between the cushion and upholstery or directly inside the cushion cover to eliminate the effects of sling upholstery. Inserts are available to accommodate pediatric as well as adult users. They are made from durable plywood with rounded edges and sanded surfaces to reduce chance of splintering or pu

Wheelchair Leveling Pad (Models 757010 & 757015)

The Wheelchair Leveling Pad is a solid seat insert designed for use in wheelchairs. This solid, closed-cell foam pad makes wheelchair sling seats flat and level with the seat frame. This pad can be used as a foundation for other cushions. Model 757010 does not have a cover and model 757015 includes a vinyl cover. DIMENSIONS: Both models are 16 x 18 inches.

Wheelnest Seating System

The WheelNest Seating System is a portable system for prolonged, balanced seating in wheelchairs, cars, office or other chairs that has a molded seat, solid seat and solid back inserts, and gel flotation seat cushion. WheelNest provides a balanced underseating as well as lumbar back support; helps maintain proper lordosis (curvature of the spine), correct hip position and proper spine alignment; and helps prevent decubitus ulcers. BACK SUPPORT: The back support is made of padded, contoured layer

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