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Bobles Tumbling Crocodile

The Bobles Tumbling Crocodile is a foam-based recreational toy that encourages creative play, as well as promotes sensory integration and gross motor skills. The soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, though it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Low Steps & Low Wedge (Models W8324 & W3484)

The Low Steps, model W8324, and the Low Wedge, model W3484, are training stairs and foam ramp designed for use with individuals with mobility disabilities. Each piece (sold separately) is made of foam-filled washable vinyl and can be used for climbing, sliding, sitting, balance training, etc. The pieces can be connected using the attached hook-and-loop fasteners. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): Each piece is 28 x 56 x 28 inches.

Skillbuilders Foam Rolls

Skillbuilders Rolls and Half Rolls provide an adaptive shape for rolling and rocking movements, coordination and vestibular training and positioning. Thick, waterproof polyurethane coating is seam-free and allows for easy cleaning. Rolls have a solid core to help prevent "bottoming out". OPTIONS: Size options. SIZES: Various. DIMENSIONS: According to size selected. COLOR: Blue or Red. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Parent Category: Gross Motor Skills

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