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Abacus Attack

Abacus Attack is a math game designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. Designed to reinforce math facts and abacus skills for students in grades one through six, the game is played on a magnetic board with large print and a braille overlay. The student uses game pieces to travel to "Attack Alley." Each space on the board has a raised shape. Upon landing on the shape, the student answers a math problem from the enclosed cards. Math problems are included for all elementary gra

Aph Web Chase Game

The APH Web Chase is an originally designed board game that is intended to develop important tactile skills within a fun, recreational context. As players navigate their spiders through an insect-laden web, they learn to trace various raised lines, identify point symbols and discriminate textures and shapes of various prey. The game's combined visual and tactile presentation makes it accessible to all players regardless of visual ability. CAPACITY: Ages 5 and up. COLOR: Multiple. WARRANTY/GUARAN

Braille Bingo Card

The Braille Bingo Card is a tactile game card designed to enable individuals who are blind or have low vision to participate in bingo games. The card features print numbers, raised numbers, and Braille markings. A plastic case and markers are included. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 9.25 x 7.75 inches.

Braille Bingo Card (Model Plu-276)

The Braille Bingo Card, model PLU-276, is a braille and large print game card designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The card consists of a plastic tray with printed numbers and a braille overlay with raised letters and numbers. The card comes with markers. COLOR: Tray is white with black numbers and the markers are yellow. DIMENSIONS: Numbers are 0.75 inches tall.

Braille Rook Cards

Braille Rook Cards are braille playing cards designed for use by individuals who are blind. This is a braille version of the bidding game with 23 variations. Rook is a partnership game for four players. The deck contains 57 cards and comes with complete instructions.

Braille-Only Rubik Cube

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of the traditional Rubik Cube toy using only Braille characters for individuals with visual impairment and/or blindness. A previous version created by a Yanko designer used textures; however, in this Braille-only version the colors are embossed and include green, blue, red, yellow, white, and pink. This device is a wonderful concept which allows users to learn Braille and/or just have a good time playing a classic game from the 1980s. TITL

Brain Quest Braille / Large Type Edition (Models 6-17000-00, 6-17001-00 6-17002-00 & 6-17003-00,

Brain Quest Braille/Large Type Edition is a braille and large print educational game designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision. Four braille/large print editions of this quiz game are available, with 1,000 questions in the areas of Science (model 6-17000-00), American History (model 6-17001-00), English (model 6-17002-00), and Geography (model 6-17003-00). Each model includes a deck of cards with questions and answers, and a score card set consisting of two reusable, brightly

Guidelines And Games For Teaching Efficient Braille Reading

Guidelines and Games for Teaching Efficient Braille Reading, by Sally S. Mangold and Myrna R. Olson, is a manual for teaching braille designed for use by teachers of individuals who are blind or have low vision. It presents a general reading program adapted to the needs of braille readers, based on research in the areas of rapid reading and precision teaching. Educational braille games are included. This 116-page paperback was originally published in 1981. ISBN: 0-89128-105-3.

Monkey's Uncle Reading Game

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY" ----- PURPOSE: To assist individuals with low vision or blindness in learning to read Braille. A version of "Old Maid," the cards, created on index cards, have animals' names written on them in Braille and print. One card has a fuzzy-textured red or other brigh color circle on it and is the "Monkey's Uncle." All of the cards are dealt face down among at least three players. Players remove and set aside any pairs in their hands. The player to the left of the dealer draws a c

Quick Pick Counting (Model 1-03574-00)

Quick Pick Counting, model 1-03574-00, is a tactile educational game designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision or cognitive disabilities. This game teaches children to count to 12 with raised-line symbols and to read braille numbers. There are 50 one-sided game cards and two direction cards in the set. The student counts the tactile symbols and then reads the correct braille number. The raised-line symbols are embossed only; the number answers are in large print and braille.

Quick Pick Math (Models 1-03570-00, 1-03571-00, 1-03572-00, & 1-03573-00)

Quick Pick Math are math games designed for use by students aged five years and up who are blind or have low vision. Games include Addition, model 1-03570-00; Subtraction, model 1-03571-00; Multiplication, model 1-03572-00; and Division, model 1-03573-00. Each math game consists of a plastic packet that holds fifty cards in braille and large print. A math question and four possible answers are on the front and back of each card. The plastic packet has four holes on its edge corresponding to the

Rummikub Original With Braille

Rummikub Original with Braille is a braille game designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This game is played like Rummy, but is played with tiles instead of cards. Players build runs of the same color or sets of the same number. The numbers are in high contrast colors, and the numbers and colors are labeled in braille. The set includes 106 tiles and 4 tile racks.

Safety Program Bingo Cards

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY ---PURPOSE: To enable a blind receptionist to keep track of numbers for a daily safety program bingo game. The date and daily number are brailled on index cards using a Janus 3x5 inch interpoint slate. A hole is punched in the upper left hand corner of each card, and the cards are threaded in a single binder ring. AUTHOR: Buskirk, J. & Gillespie, J. TITLE: Adaptations for an Agency Receptionist. JOURNAL: RE:view. REF: Vol. 36, No. 4, Winter 2005: p. 168-170. PAGES: 3.

Setting the Stage for Tactile Understanding Kit: Making Tactile Pictures Make Sense

Setting the Stage is designed for children with low vision. Setting the Stage is a set of tangible items and activities that assists young tactile readers in making the transition from the exploration of real objects to the interpretation of two-dimensional representations, both in thermoformed formats and simple raised-line illustrations. A 3-dimensional house model aids with advanced understanding of scale and perspective.

Tack-Tiles Braille Systems

TACK-TILES Braille Systems are a Braille game and instruction kit designed to acquaint children who are blind with raised dot Braille letters within the environment of play. Designed to fit and work like standard snap-together toy building blocks, children can create buildings, figures, cars, etc. while learning Braille. The pieces can be endlessly rearranged during the course of a lesson, encouraging creativity and interest. Because the blocks correspond with standard toy blocks, accessories an

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