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Adaptor Air Spring Padding

Adjustable pre-inflated air cushioning interface for use on any surface to enhance soft tissue protection and provide shock absorption. Self contained sealed air cells may be cut apart in sections to fit flat or contoured surfaces where shock, impact absorption, shear or friction protection is required. Flame resistant. Neoprene rubber. Washable with soap and water. 10 by 14 inch sections with grid of 70 one inch square cells. .

Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter

The Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter is designed for children with sensory processing delays and/or autism. The soft support of the Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter provides calm and focus for those who have a hard time concentrating. The seat allows for side and back support to enhance attention while listening, reading and communicating. The product can be used for circle time, homework time, reading and one-on-one therapy. Made of soft, flock material. Inflates with a hand pump and air valve.

Apollo 4 and 4+ Cushion

The Apollo 4 is a battery-operated pressure-relieving cushion, suitable for use in a hospital or community care environment. It can also provide support for users on the move, as the battery will last up to 24 hours when used by a person of an average weight of 82 kilogram/13 stone. If the pressure drops below the specified required setting, the compressors in the Apollo 4 will automatically maintain the pressure to the level required.

Bioform® S102 Gel Pressure Relief Cushion

Bioform® S102 is an anti-bedsore cushion designed for use by individuals with a spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, or other neurological impairments.  It provides pressure relief in medium risk situations. The Bioform® S102 features a smooth surface and different thicknesses of Gel to reduce pressure on sensitive areas, massage the skin and stimulate lymph ducts.  The cushion is manufactured by means of the RVS (Royal Vacuum System) technology. This patent system consists of vacuum-fusing d

Body Ryzm Samba Rx Seat Cushion

The Samba RX is an ergonomic seat meant for periods of endurance sitting. The cushion is meant to provide increased lumbar and lower back support. DIMENSIONS: 18 inches height x 15 inches width x 0.5 inches depth. WEIGHT: 1 pound. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Bun-Ease Cushion

The bun-EASE Cushion is an air cushion padding designed to offer comfort and protection for patients with hemorrhoidal and coccyx trauma or for surgical aftercare. It provides lateral and longitudinal seating positions for the greatest possible patient comfort and maximum protection of the injury. The cushion is made of heavy guage soft vinyl, is light in weight, and is easily inflatable with two to five normal breaths. It quickly deflates and flattens so it can be folded and discretely carried

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