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Fleecewrap is a lightweight blanket designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or neurological disabilities, arthritis, or other conditions creating sensitivity to the weight of blankets. This blanket provides comfort and warmth, without unpleasant weight bearing down on limbs, muscles, and joints. Made of pure Polworth wool, the weave is extremely soft with no harsh fibers to irritate sensitive skin. The honeycomb finish traps warm air in hundreds of tiny pockets or air-cells. The Fl

R&b Blanket Cradle

R&B Blanket Cradle is designed for individuals who are restricted to bed. Its design helps to prevent feet and leg problems like cramping, pressure ulcers, and additional discomfort from the constant pressure and irritation that may be caused by bedding movement when restricted to bed. This unit is installed from the side of the bed rather than the end to provide additional strength and support.

Thunder Shirt

The Dog Anxiety is designed for use by pet owners who have pets that demonstrate separation anxiety, excitability, and fear to loud and sudden noises such as fireworks and the doorbell. It applies gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant.

Wheelchair Blanket With Pockets -- Non Slip -- Burgundy

The Wheelchair Blanket with Pockets – Non-Slip is a blanket designed for those who use a wheelchair. Two side pockets and one middle pocket. Hook and loop tabs to keep blanket securely attached. 95 percent polyester, 2 percent nylon.

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