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Nvi Electronic Tissue Dispenser

The NVI Electronic Tissue Dispenser is an electronic toilet paper dispenser designed for use by individuals with grasping, fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. This dispenser uses standard toilet paper rolls and automatically dispenses toilet paper at the wave of a hand. The user places his or her hand in front of the unit’s infrared sensor beam, and the unit issues the toilet paper from the roll. When it reaches the desired length, the user tears off the paper towel using one hand. The u

Self Wiping Toileting Aid

Self Wipe Toileting Aid is designed for use by individuals with difficulty bending or limited use of their hands and arms to function independently when using the toilet. Toilet tissue is placed around the angled clamp on the lower portion of the device. After use the tissue is discarded by pressing an easy-to-use release button on the end of the handle. DIMENSIONS: Handle measures 9 3/4" (25 cm). Angled clamp portion measures 5" (12.7 cm). Total length from top to lower tip is 14 3/4" (37.5 cm

Wipe Assist

Wipe Assist is a product designed for individuals who have limited upper body mobility and find it difficult to adequately wipe themselves or for persons that cannot turn their torso and/or reach around in order to fully wipe themselves. Made especially for individuals with grasping, neurological, reaching, or upper extremity disabilities. The device is designed to hold toilet paper 16 inches out from where the user can reach. Wipe Assist allows users to wipe independently and without assistance

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