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Achievement Si Weighted Vest

The Achievement SI Weighted Vest is designed for use with children with sensory integration or processing disabilities. The heaviness of the vest provides sensory input and often helps increase attention and concentration. The Vest has a stylish design with concealed pockets sewn inside the lining to hold quarter-pound weight packets. Velcro closures secure the weights inside. The Vest opens on the sides with Velcro and also opens down the front with snaps for eas of dressing. The Vest is made o

Achievement Weighted Vest

The Achievement Weighted Vest is a weighted vest designed for use in sensory integration activities by children with physical or neurological disabilities. Made of wipe-clean vinyl with a warm soft lining, this vest is designed to increase proprioceptive input to the shoulders and trunk, provide compression input to the shoulder girdle, resist trunk flexion and/or extension for strengthening, and may assist as a positioning device. This vest has front and back mid-thoracic pockets to accommodate

Denim Weighted Vest

Fun and Function offers a denim weighted vest, designed for children and young teens that require additional sensory input. Each vest features both shoulder (1/4lb each) and pocket weights (1lb each) providing weight down through the shoulders and directed toward the hips. In addition, there are pockets for holding fidgets as well as buttons for easy dressing and undressing. Maximum weight supports include 2-2.5 pounds.


FrogPockets is a weighted vest designed to hold the manufacturer's BeanBagFrogs and BeanBagTurtles (see separate entry) as a balance or sensory integration activity for children with physical or neurological disabilities. The T-shirt style vest holds up to five pounds in it large front pocket.

Integrations Pressure Vest

The PresSure Vest is a weighted vest that features a secure hook and loop adjustable fit for a pressured "hug", double stitched seams and 2 choices for "fidget" adornments (cars or flowers, both included). This product is designed for children who require therapeutic sensory input.

Peace Graphic Weighted Compression Vest

The Peace Graphic Weighted Compression Vest is a vest designed for individuals ages 18 months to adults with hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders who respond well with weight and compression to help them attend and focus. Combined pressure and side weights function as a reassuring deep hug.  Hook and loop closures on the sides allow for maximum comfort, easy sizing, and quick removal. Weights are safely positioned in pockets inside the vest and can be added or

Protac Myfit

Protac MyFit is a sensory stimulating vest designed to help calm physical and mental unease and improve bodily awareness. Made of elastic material, Protac MyFit has channels on the front and back filled with heavy plastic balls, and is meant to be worn snuggly against the body. It has a simple lacing system on the back and the sides so that users can adjust the vest to achieve the best possible sensory stimulation. The special design of the vest distributes pressure deep under the skin, stimulat

Snug Vest

The inflatable Snug “Wearable Therapy” Vest provides a safe and effective means to provide deep pressure therapy to assist with sensory regulation. This stylish and contemporary vest uses patent pending technology and safety mechanisms to provide evenly distributed pressure throughout the back, shoulders, and sides of the torso without a weighted down effect. Applied pressure is adjustable to the exact amount the user requires. The Snug Vest’s aesthetic design allows for social inclusion and is

Squease Inflatable Weighted Vest

The SQUEASE Inflatable Compression Vest provides calming sensory input but is light as air (because it's filled with air).

Stretch Denim Weighted Vest

The Stretch Denim Weighted Vest is a vest that provides steady sensory input to help children and adults with autism and sensory processing challenges calm down and remain focused. Each vest is width adjustable, made of stretchy denim, and features a zipper and inside pockets for weights. Included with each vest are two ½-pound weights and four ¼-pound weights, for a total of 2 pounds. The medium and large sizes can hold additional 2 pounds and 4 pounds of weights, respectively. Additional weigh

Therapy Shoppe Backwards Weighted Vest

The Therapy Shoppe Backwards Weighted Vest is a weighted vest designed for use in sensory integration activities by children with physical or neurological disabilities. These fully-lined, denim vests feature a Velcro closure in the back to reduce unwanted removal, a low, rounded neck in the front, sealed sandbag weights, and four discreet inside pockets that accommodate various sized weights. The extra-small and small vests each include four four-ounce weightss and the medium vest includes four

Therapy Shoppe Weighted Vest

The Therapy Shoppe Weighted Vest is a weighted vest designed for use in sensory integration activities by children with physical or neurological disabilities. Made of denim with a unisex-design lining, this vest is designed to provide proprioceptive input, creating a calming, organizing effect for many children. Features include Velcro closures, sealed sandbag weights, and four hidden inside pockets that are designed to accommodate a variety of different sized weights. The extra-small and small

Weighted Tactile Beanbags

Weighted Tactile beanbags are designed for individuals with cognitive disabilities, ADHD or autism. Colorful weighted tactile beanbags provide upper extremity exercise, heavy work and tactile exploration. Can be used to add additional weight to weighted vests. WEIGHT: Either 1/2 lb or 1 lb sets of five. MATERIAL: Satin, denim, corduroy, fleece and solid cotton textures.

Weighted Vests (Models 2257, 2258, 2259, 2263, 2259-A, 2263-A & 2264-A)

Weighted Vests are designed to provide proprioceptive feedback and stability for individuals with physical and neurological disabilities. These vests are adjustable to permit use with more than one person, and they are cut to maximize ventilation for the wearer. They feature tear-away zippers for easy opening and reinforced weight pockets. The child's extra-large and the adult medium/large and extra large also feature adjustable hems for maximum comfort and cargo-style pockets. The weights for a

Wrap Arounds

Wrap Arounds are weighted belts designed to be worn in pairs in an “x” configuration over the shoulders as an alternative to a weighted vest. They are intended for use with children with physical or neurological disabilities, sensory processing disorder, and autism. It is designed to help children reduce instances of distraction, stress, anxiety and hyperactivity. Each belt is made with 100 percent cotton corduroy and filled with a non-toxic and hypoallergenic PET pellet material that is BPA and


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