Dumbbell Weights

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Aquabells Dumbbells Water Weights

AquaBells Dumbbells Water Weights are weights designed for individuals who want to work on resistance training, strength training, or physical therapy. Weights fill with water to patient’s desired weight and can deflate within seconds. Set includes 8 fillable blue dumbbells, each weighing 4 pounds. One 13 inch dumbbell can hold up to 4 weights. Has soft cushioned grips. Due to hygiene purposes, product non-returnable.

Cando Soft Medicine Balls

These textured medicine balls provide the heavy work required for integrating sensory information, engaging the body with the brain, and building coordination. Cando Soft Medicine Balls can be used during physical education, physical/occupational therapy sessions, or for a sensory break. Tactile surface enables grip, grasp and catch. Increase/decrease air in ball to enhance grasp by using a needle pump. Can be used for upper body rehabilitation and fitness exercise as well. Adaptable with a stan

Vinyl-Coated Iron Dumbell Set (Model 5149A)

The Vinyl-Coated Iron Dumbell Set, model 5149A, is a set of dumbbell weights designed for therapeutic use. The weights are solid cast iron covered in thick, soft vinyl for comfort and to reduce noise and the danger of scratching surfaces. This 20-weight set includes two each from one to ten pounds in one-pound increments. COLOR: The one-pound weight is pink, the two-pound weight is aqua, the three-pound weight is plum, the four-pound weight is grape, the five-pound weight is teal, the six-pound

Water Weight Bells (Mini-Bells)

Water Weight Bells, also known as Mini-Bells, are swimming pool exercise equipment designed for use in aquatic therapy. These hollow poly-propylene dumbbells have four blades at each end for resistance and stability. Removable end caps allow the bell to be filled with water for neutral buoyancy or with air for additional flotation. COLOR: Teal.

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