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Cando Digi-Flex Hand/finger Exerciser

The Cando Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exerciser is a patented spring-loaded resistance device for individual finger or entire hand exercises. The exerciser develops individual finger strength, flexibility and coordination as well as builds hand and forearm strength. Use the buttons alone to exercise fingers or the entire unit for a complete hand and forearm exercise.

Cando Wate Balls

The Cando Wate Balls are designed for therapy, rehabilitation and exercise use. The weighted balls are small, with little give but flexible enough to grasp with one hand, yet big enough to hold with two hands. Use a bicycle pump to inflate/deflate to make the ball harder/easier to grasp.

Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights

The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights use of resistive aquatic therapy is effective for strengthening the upper body and offers less risk of muscle strain than land-based exercise. The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weight is manufactured from non-allergenic chlorine resistant vinyl that dries quickly as to avoid wetting other items when packed. Designed with air valves that provide easy filling access, the weights can be filled by mouth or with an air pump. Weights are sold in cases of ten (10).

Thera-Band Soft Weights

The Thera-Band Soft Weights are hand weights designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or arthritis. These soft, ball-shaped weights. While having different weights, these graspable weights are all of the same size. WEIGHT: The color-coded set includes 1.1 pound (tan), 2.2 pound (yellow), 3.3 pound (red), 4.4 pound (green), 5.5 pound (blue), and 6.6 pound (black) weights.

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