Sensory Integration Evaluation System

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Baby Booster Infant Stimulation Kit

The Baby Booster Infant Stimulation Kit is a sensory integration activity kit designed for use witt infants and toddlers with neurological or sensory disabilities. This interactive kit includes activities that focus on six different sensory areas: preceptor stimulation, tactile stimulation, auditory stimulation, olfactory/gustatory stimulation, and vocalization. Special components and instructions are provided for each area to maximize the skill-building and learning process.

Quick Neurological Screening Test (Model 32012)

Sensory integration evaluation system. For evaluation of auditory, visual and sensory motor skills in children, adolescents and adults. Ages kindergarten to adult. Enables administrators to single out persons whose learning problems may be organically based. Tests 15 areas of neurological integration as they relate to learning. Administered in 20 minutes. May purchase manual only (order number 32012M) or extra scoring forms in a package of 25 (order number 32012R).

Sensory Brushes

Designed for children and adults with autism and tactile sensitivity and defensiveness, sensory brushes provide a therapeutic combination of deep pressure and tactile stimulation. When supervised by a trained occupational therapist, these sensory brushes are suitable for use as part of the Wilbarger Protocol, a recognized method frequently used to reduce sensory defensiveness. Use at school, home or in the clinic for calming, or before focused attention is required.

Sensory Evaluation Kit (Model 71824-0001)

The Sensory Evaluation Kit, model 71824-0001, is a perceptual training activity and sensory integration evaluation system designed to measure the degree of deficit in any of the senses separately or in combination. The kit consists of sets of 27 differently scented "scratch and sniff" sheets. The sheets are each divided into 6 squares that, when cut out, are placed into the 27 screw-cap jars provided. In use, one of the squares is put on top of the jar cap and replaces when depleted of scent. 27

Sensory Stimulation Kit

The Sensory Stimulation Kit is a sensory integration evaluation system designed for use with children with neurological, cognitive, or sensory disabilities. This comprehensive kit provides sensory stimulation and basic cognitive rehabilitation activities. Included are more than 90 activities with auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile stimuli. The kit includes three materials to stimulate the senses, three communication cards, and a manual that includes sensorimotor assessment proce

Skills Training And Assessment System Or Sensory Integration Evaluation System

Catalog includes: Reading, Language and Remediation materials, Screening tests and Learning disability (LD) assessment programs, Perceptual skills programs and learning activities, Educational software, Life Skills Materials.

Southpaw S.i. Table (Model 5700)

The S.I. Table, model 5700, is a sensory integration evaluation system designed to fit the needs of the latest S.I.P.T. diagnostic test. The table provides a comfrotable workplace for client and therapist that is instatntly ready for administering the test. The table is sizeed so that the approprite testing parameters are met. The removable deep dished trays for storing test pieces are accessible from both sides of the table. A bracket holds the enclosed vision shield at the right height and ang


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