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Adapta Traction Tables (Models Aet-4 & Aft-4)

The Adapta Traction Tables are powered heiight-adjustable traction systems, model AET-4, or fixed height traction systems, model AFT-4. Each table has foursections. The head section adjusts up or down 25 degrees and includes a breathing slot cut-out. The large pelvic and lumbar section elevates 50 degrees. The center section is removable, and the thoracic section is stationary. Each model features vinyl upholstery with foam padding. OPTIONS: Casters, examination table paper holder, and a foot co


BodyBridge is a gravity traction system designed to help the user loosen tight joints, expand range of motion, correct distortions, and relieve stiffness and tension in the spine and pelvis. This relaxation and therapy device is used by lying in an arched position on the stomach or back. The system consists of a foam-cushioned arched back platform with a 180 degree, semi-circular shaped tubular steel frame. Other features include support handles at the crest of the arch, a foot rest, and a face


Portable supine traction device designed to control cervical pain. Includes metal floor stand and adjustable stabilizer which fits most beds, treatment tables and couches. The head halter ($20.00), used with or without its detachable chin strap, attaches to a rope pulley assembly on the frame. The user pulls on the rope handle until the desired tension (up to 50 pounds) is applied and then locks the rope in a locking cleat. C-Flex frame only, $243.00; neck roll, $25.00.


The Carpal-Trac is a traction system designed to alleviate pressure on the soft tissue structures of the wrist. The interlocking wrist strap allows therapeutic traction without compressing the carpal tunnel area. This system can be used with most clinical traction units and a choice of one clevis is included.

Chattanooga Clinical Cervical Traction Device

The Chattanooga Clinical Cervical Traction Device is a traction system designed for clinical use. This unit pulls at the base of the occiput for more effective cervical traction. This device can be used with Chattanooga systems and most other traction devices and performs horizontal traction. The unit includes a choice of one clevis. SIZES: One size fits most.


Disc-Traction is a pelvic traction belt designed for use by individuals with back pain. This spinal-stretching belt comes with a set of isometric exercises to help reduce and prevent lower back pain and disc compression. Made of non-elastic canvas, the belt is secured to the lower back with hook and loop fasteners. Once secured, Disc-Traction sits firmly on the pelvic bone, with its handles attached to the bottom of the belt. To use, an individual pushes downward on the handles, and the lower ba

Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Relief Kit

The Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Relief Kit is a comprehensive neck care combo package designed to provide therapeutic support, traction, spinal alignment and overall relaxation to the cervical vertebrae of the neck for individuals with neck pain, headaches, muscle strain, poor circulation, and migraines. It consists of the Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter Cervical Traction Device and the Dr. Ho's HoPhysio Neck Utopia Massager.

Econo-Cerv (Models 431 & 433)

Cervical traction system with head halter. Attaches to door knob or hinged side of a door. Traction is provided by user who pulls on the rope handle until desired amount of traction is reached. Model 433 includes a calibrated scale to assist patient in applying the precise amount of traction prescribed. Both models come with head halter which has extra padding to firmly grip occipital ridge.

Elgin Wall Pulley System (Models 550, 575, 750, & 702)

Wall pulley system for cervical or pelvic traction and extremity exercises. Two pulley systems adjustable over length of vertical column, rope slack adjusters, and slotted ball bearing pulleys. Heavy gauge tubular steel with baked enamel finish. Includes cast iron weights, stirrup handles, holding mitts, aluminum bar, nylon thigh, ankle, and wrist cuffs with velcro, foot stirrup, weight racks, nylon rope, mounting boards and brackets. Model 575 has an overhead bar attachment with 2 slotted pulle

Flexion Stool (Model Txs-1)

The Flexion Stool, model TXS-1, is a traction system designed for clinical use. This adjustgable-height stool has a wide base with a rectangular padded top and enables the user to be placed with the lumbar spine in the neutral or flexed position. OPTIONS: RhinoHyde upholstery. DIMENSIONS: The height adjusts from 13 to 20 inches. COLORS: The standard upholstery is available in eight standard and six designer colors. The optional RhinoHyde upholstery comes in five colors.

Head Halter

Head halter for vertical traction. Diskard model is lightweight surgical gauze with cellulose webbing that loops onto spreader bar. Intended for disposable use. One universal size. The controlled stretch model is made of reticulated foam laminated to cotton knit material with heavy D ring at either end for attachment to spreader bar. Halter is split to cradle head from chin in front from back of head. Washable. Available with or without spreader bar in sizes small 9 by 6 inches, medium 10 by 7 i

Head Halter Over-Door Traction Set

The Head Halter Over-Door Traction Set is an overdoor traction pully designed for individuals with arthritis requiring cervical traction. This set includes a water weight bag, a cervical spreader bar, a nylon braided rope, an over-door traction clamp, and an adjustable hook-and -loop halter. The weight of the bag can be varied from 2 to 20 pounds.

Inversion Stretch Station (Model 30107)

The Inversion Stretch Station, model 30107, is a gravity traction system designed for use by individuals with back pain. The user steps onto the steel framed, nylon backed stretcher in an upright position. While secured at the ankles by foam padded ankle collars, the user grips the support handlebars and rotates the stretcher to an inverted, downward position in line with the force of gravity. In this position, the user's spine is elongated helping to increase space between the vertebrae and rel

Lumbo 90 Degrees

Portable traction system. Includes vinyl covered wedge to be placed under head and bolster for under legs putting patient in a 90/90 traction position while also rotating and flexing the pelvis. User wears a single pull pelvic belt which hooks to a rope and pulley. The pulley clamps and locks rope in place. Conducive to relieving low back pain. Frame only, $293.00; leg bolster, $128.00; $88.00, head wedge; single pull pelvic belt, $32.00 regular, $37.00 extra large.

Morgan Lumbar Traction Exercise Harness (Hmhmr)

The Morgan Lumbar Traction Exercise Harness is a traction system designed to provide traditional mechanical, heavy manual, or pulley traction, body weight suspension traction, or unloading (unweighted) exercise for individuals with low back disabilities or injuries. This harness handles single- or double-pull lumbar traction in forces up to 300 pounds in prone, supine, or vertical positions. When used as a thoracic harness, it contours around the rib cage to minimize pressure to the chest area.

Overdoor Traction Set (Model P2100)

The Overdoor Traction Set, model P2100, is designed to provide cervical traction. The set includes a 20-pound water weight bag, an overdoor traction clamp, a 12-inch spreader bar, an S hook, traction cord, and a Velcro adjustable head halter. OPTIONS: Replacement water weight bag and head halter.

Positex Extremity Mobilization Set (Model 605)

The Positex Extremity Mobilization Set, model 605, is a traction system designed for use in therapeutic settings. This set includes the Positex Extremity Mobilization Strap, the Positex Patient Stabilizer Strap, and the Positex Joint Distraction Cuff (see separate entries).

Positex Joint Distraction Cuff (Model 603)

The Positex Joint Distraction Cuff, model 603, is a traction system designed for use in therapeutic settings. This cuff is used to apply traction forces to the knee joint during mobilization procedures. The cuff is constructed of padded vinyl with adjustable Velcro closure and a foot stirrup.

Positex Patient Stabilizer Strap (Model 604)

The Positex Patient Stabilizer Strap, model 604, is a traction system designed for use in therapeutic settings. This strap attaches to the edge of a treatment table with an attatched "J" to secure the individual during mobilization procedures. The banana-shaped pad consists of a heavy, flat bar padded with foam and covered in vinyl. A strong woven-nylon strap adjusts for length with one hand and includes a push-button release buckle. DIMENSIONS: Eight feet long.

Releaf Neck Rest

The Releaf Neck Rest is designed for use by individuals who suffer from neck and shoulder tension as a result of sitting upright for long periods of time. Providing a lifting solution by temporarily supporting the weight of the head. Simply place the Releaf with the ergonomically designed chin indentation under the user’s chin, wrap the Velcro strapping around the neck, center the device and pull the lower edges for a comfortable fit. The flex tension construction allows for the Releaf Neck Rest

Rockin Rocker Board

Made of high quality wood, the Rockin' Rocker Board helps improve balance reactions, motor planning and coordination. Use for righting reactions, tilting reactions and dynamic standing balance. Use in multiple positions and activities--sitting, kneeling, standing and even playing outdoor games.

Saunders Lumbar Traction Device

The Saunders Hometrac Lumbar Traction Device is a portable traction system designed for home use. The unit applies up to 200 pounds of traction and force is applied via a hand-held pump, actively separating the lower section of the treatment surface from the upper section. The friction-free track creates efficient traction, transmitting less pressure through the pelvic belts and concentrating the force where it is most needed. The unit folds for transport and storage and is equipped with a carry


Spine-Worx is a traction system designed for use by individuals with back pain. The user lies on the unit with his/her head on a pillow, enabling the unit to realign vertabrae and relax muscles. Padded ridges apply pressure where needed and sustains it over several minutes. The device allows the back to conform to its normal, natural shape, and the user's body weight controls applied pressure to the mid and lower back. WEIGHT: 2 pounds.

Split Cervical Collar / Head Halter (Model 5000)

The Split Cervical Collar/Head Halter is a combination cervical collar and cervical traction head halter designed for symptomatic relief of neck pain or injury. Made of medium firm foam, this collar is split in the center for use as a halter. It also features brass grommets at the end for connecting to cervical traction systems and hook-and-loop closure. SIZES: One size fits most. DIMENSIONS: Fits neck circumference from 14 to 18 inches. COLOR: Natural.

Supine C-Trax Unit

The Supine C-Trax Unit is a portable cervical traction system designed for home use. The unit utilizes any door frame for set up and provides supine positioning for the user. The set includes an attachment for intermittent traction, a universal head halter, a 20-pound water weight bag, rope, and a spreader bar that eliminate halter slippage.

Traction Accessory Package (Model Txa-1)

The Traction Accessory Package, model TXA-1, is a traction system designed for clinical use. This set can be used for pelvic or lumbar traction applications up to 200 pounds. The set includes one adjustable cervical traction halter, one heavy duty pelvic traction set, two TX pillows and covers, and a spreader bar.

Traction Head Halter

Traction head halter, foam padded duck material with deep cupped chinpiece and heavy D rings for attachment to spreader bar. Vertical traction model has adjustable length webbing straps on either side with cushion pieces at forehead level, that attach to D rings. The Repro Head Halter model has a large head piece that encircles back of head from temple to temple and attaches to chinpiece with adjustable webbing strap with buckles. Webbing straps on either side of head piece attach to D rings. De

True Back (Model 30165 )

The True Back, model 30165, is an orthopedic traction system designed for use by individuals with back pain. This traction system helps to relieve pain associated with muscle cramps, sciatica, headaches, tension, or spasms. The system consists of thiry suspension points evenly distributed throughout the length of a curved plastic frame. These suspension points support the body's weight and apply pressure to the muscles. The spine floats in the center channel as the back is passively stretched. A

Tx-1 & Tx-2 Traction Units

The TX-1 Traction Unit is a mobile traction system and the TX-2 Traction Unit is a stationary traction system featuring an electronic, digital control console. These units offer selection of zero to two hundred pounds of traction and four modes of treatment: progressive intermittent, intermittent, static or progressive static. A progressive step selector allows prescribed traction pull to be obtained in 9 progressive steps. The treatment timer runs from 1 to 99 minutes. Remaining time is displa

Tx-7 & Tx-8 Traction Units

The TX-7 Traction Unit is a mobile traction system and the TX-8 is a stationary traction system featuring dial controls. Traction from zero to two hundred pounds may be selected as can two modes of treatment,: intermittent or static. The treatment mode is chosen using the selector switch. A red indicator light is illuminated when the selected traction weight is reached. A treatment timer for one to sixty minutes, a traction timer for zero to sixty seconds, and a rest cycle time of zero to sixty

Txc-1 Traction Chair

The TXC-1 Traction Chair is a traction system featuring five positions. The chair reclines to angles of 0, 15, 25, 35, and 45 degrees and features vinyl upholstery and foam padding. Armrests, a foot platform, and four caster wheels are standard. DIMENSIONS: 20.5 inches wide x 35 inches high when erect and 45 inches long when at the 45-degree reclined position. WEIGHT: 70 pounds.


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