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Achievement Rolls

The Achievement Rolls are therapy rolls designed for use by individuals with mobility, neurological, or balance disabilities. These brightly colored rolls can be used for rolling, rocking movements, positioning, and coordination training with children. Soft, yet firm, these bolsters are made of high compression foam covered in anti-bacterial, flame-resistant vinyl. DIMENSIONS (HxL): 4 x 18 inches, 6 x 24 inches, 8 x 15 inches, 8 x 24 inches, 8 x 36 inches, 10 x 36 inches, 12 x 36 inches, 14 x 4

Bolsters And Stands (Models Ap142, 1421, & 1422)

The Bolsters and Stands are therapy rolls designed for use in therapy to develop balance and posture control in infants and children with neurological and physical disabilities. The bolsters have a washable vinyl exterior over a foam-covered core with carrying straps at each end. The adjustable wooden stands support and elevate the bolsters and can be used as small benches. DIMENSIONS (Diam.xL): Bolsters are 4 x 25 inches (model AP142), 8.5 x 43 inches (model 1421), and 10 x 50 inches(model 14

Cando Twist-N-Bend Exercisers

The CanDo Twist-n-Bend Exerciser is a lightweight, portable exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder. Also promotes coordination and increases range-of-motion. The bar allows for twisting and bending therapy motions. Perform oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training. Use for soft tissue and joint mobilization. The 12 inch long rubber bar is licensed to use the same graduated progressive color code as Thera-Band Sequence products. Levels range in

Hang N Roll Bolsters (Models 1020,1022,1024,1026)

A Hang-n-Roll Bolster, models 1020, 1022, 1024, 1026, is a bolster that can be used as a vertical bolster, pony bolster, or a floor bolster for individuals with a physical disability. By hanging it vertically or horizontally from the tightly secured straps on either end it can be used for climbing and hanging for gravitationally insecure clients. It can be used to challange postural adjustments and balance reactions as well as facilitate motor skills. By putting the bolster on the floor it can a

Hopper Ball (Model 9075)

The Hopper Ball, model 9075, is an inflatable ball designed to improve balance, leg strength and gross motor skills in young children. It inflates up to 18 inches in diameter using a foot pump (included). The inflatable ball has a plush frog covering that is removable for washing. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 7.75 x 8.75 x 12 inches. WEIGHT: 2.75 pounds. COLOR: Green.

Inflatable Balance Barrel (Models 1330 & 1331)

The Inflatable Barrel Kit, model 1330 and 1331, is a kit to create a barrel roll using inner tubes designed to challenge motor skills and balance for individuals with a physical disability. Inner tubes with a large inner diameter are held together firmly with a special cover so that it becomes a large barrel. Clients can lay or sit inside or on top of the barrel. The kit comes with three inner tubes, a barrel cover and three valve stem covers to prevent scratches. OPTIONS: Tube Wraps to cover th


Bolsters with top loop handles, nylon reinforced vinyl covered. Lightweight. DIMENSIONS: 9 x 25 inche, 9 x 42 inches, or 9 x 60 inches. WEIGHT: 3 to 7.5 pounds each.


The Litelog is a therapy roll designed for use by individuals with balance, neurological, or lower extremity or other physical disabilities. This roll can be used for spinal stabilization, balance, and other exercise programs. Made of Ethafoam, the logs are strong enough to support an individual's standing weight. The solid, closed-cell foam construction allows use in water. OPTIONS: Available in 6 x 12 inches and 6 x 36 inches.

Octagonal Spot Trainers

Foam octagonal shaped bolsters. Covered in nylon reinforced vinyl fabric. Sizes: 15 by 15 by 24 inches, 20 by 20 by 28 inches, 24 by 25 by 36 inches. Weight 27 to 9 pounds. D rings and hooks at ends for joining 2 or more together.

Optp Foam Rollers (Models Fr126, Fh123, Fr366, Fr364, & Fh366)

OPTP Foam Rollers are therapy rolls designed for use in exercise and therapy. Made of firm, lightweight, durable foam, these rollers are available in round and half-round shapes. The half-round has a flat bottom. DIMENSIONS (LxD): Model FR126 (round) is 12 x 6 inches, model FH123 (half-round) is 12 x 3 inches, model FR366 (round) is 36 x 6 inches, model FR364 (round) is 36 x 4 inches, and model FH363 (half-round) is 36 x 3 inches.

Optp Soft Foam Roller (Models Sfr366)

OPTP Soft Foam Roller, model SFR366, is a therapy roll designed for use in exercise and therapy. Made of soft, durable foam, this round roller is more stable and easier to balance on than the OPTP Foam Rollers (see separate entry) and is designed for beginning users. DIMENSIONS (LxD): 36 x 6 inches.

Orthocare Bolster Cylinder (Model 2019)

The Orthocare Bolster Cylinder ##2019 is a therapy roll made of polyurethane foamDE covered with 20 mil vinyl. The cylinder is heat sealed to prevent contaminationDE . DIMENSIONS: 5.5 inch diameter x 18 inches.

Peanut Ball (Model 9069)

The Peanut Ball, model 9069, is an inflatable roll designed to develop balance and positioning and motor skills for young children. This peanut-shaped inflatable ball has a contoured saddle that can be positioned for vertical or horizontal use. It challenges children to balance and stabilize their own core while straddling the roll. DIMENSIONS (HxL): 22 x 43 inches. CAPACITY: 200 pounds. WEIGHT: 3.5 pounds.

Physio Eggs

The Physio Eggs are inflatable rolls designed for therapeutic play, balance training, and other gross motor exercises. These rolls have a ribbed, non-slip texture and are more stable than the Physio Balls (see separate entries). DIMENSIONS: Available in a choice of 16, 20, 24, or 33 inches in diameter. COLOR: From the smallest to the largest size, the colors are yellow, orange, green, and blue. CAPACITY: Rated to support more than 800 pounds.


The Physio-Roll is a peanut-shaped inflatable roll designed to provide control and security for individuals with physical disabilities during balance activities. With a saddle-shaped middle, the roll cradles the user and the overall shape limits rotation to forward and backward. Used with or without a blanket, the roll can be used in squeeze play and tactile activities. DIMENSIONS: 12, 16, 22, 28, or 34 inches in diameter. CAPACITY: Up to 250 pounds depending on size. COLOR: Red, yellow, or blue

Physio-Roll Outrigger Ball

The Physio-Roll Outrigger Ball is a peanut-shaped inflatable roll designed to provide control and security for individuals with physical disabilities during balance activities. With a saddle-shaped middle, the roll cradles the user and the overall shape limits rotation to forward and backward. Used with or without a blanket, the roll can be used in squeeze play and tactile activities. DIMENSIONS: Available in 16-, 21.75-, and 27-inch heights. COLOR: Assorted.


The Rolls are therapy foam shapes designed for positioning and/or balance training. These cylindrical cushions are made of high-density foam with a waterproof and cleanable vinyl cover. DIMENSIONS: Nine different sizes are available, measuring 7 x 17 inches, 5 x 20 or 22 inches, 8 x 20 or 36 inches, 6 x 24 inches, 5.5 x 20 inches, and 10 or 12 x 36 inches.

Skillbuilders Foam Rolls

Skillbuilders Rolls and Half Rolls provide an adaptive shape for rolling and rocking movements, coordination and vestibular training and positioning. Thick, waterproof polyurethane coating is seam-free and allows for easy cleaning. Rolls have a solid core to help prevent "bottoming out". OPTIONS: Size options. SIZES: Various. DIMENSIONS: According to size selected. COLOR: Blue or Red. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Smirthwaite Box W Cushion

The Smirthwaite Box with Cushion is a sleeping support designed for children who need strict trunk and hip control. The "W" shape aligns the child's legs to prevent rotation and risk of dislocation.

Southpaw Belly Booster (Model 1955)

The Belly Booster, model 1955, is a bolster rolldesigned to work as an abdominal support for crawling activities for individuals with physical disabilities. Two adjustable side pieces act as stoppers so that the bolster will roll only as far as desired. When the sides stop the bolster from rolling forward, it automatically rolls backward. The Belly Booster can also support the users back or belly without rolling in order to build flexion patterns and trunk tone. It also acts as a T-stool where c

Southpaw's Steamroller Deluxe

The Steamroller Deluxe is designed to provide deep pressure to those who require input while calming down or focusing. Users can crawl between the "roller" and be "flattened" by the Steamroller. Others can "hang out" for a while as the rollers provide the input they need to calm their bodies before sit down activities.

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Roll

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Rolls are therapy and positioning rolls designed for use by children or adults with physical disabilities. The rolls are made from a soft, seamless, latex-free material that is impermeable to fluids, with a solid inner core (except for the 4 x 24 inch size). Each roll has a handle and can stand on end for storage. DIMENSIONS: 24 inches long with diameter of 4, 6, or 8 inches; 36 inches long with diameter of 8, 10, or 12 inches; and, 48 inches long with diameter

Spool Roll.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Provides prone positioning to prevent hyperextension and internal rotation of the upper extremities of child in prone position. Using a spool that comes with rolls of chain or rope, cut a bottom edge from each disk on the ends of the spool so the spool will no longer roll. Place the flat edges on the floor and pad the center of the roll with a towel and place child prone over the center roll with the extremities forward. a small pillow may be placed un

Sportime Physio-Roll Visualiser

The Sportime Physio-Roll Visualiser is a therapy ball designed to develop proper physical positioning and motor skills for young children. Engineered to limit user movement to two planes of motion, the inflated peanut-shaped ball is designed with a contoured saddle for safety and stability and can be positioned for vertical or horizontal use. The transparent ball has 24 multi-colored balls inside for visual stimulation. It offers multiple exercises that help to promote the user's pelvic stabilit

Tempur Pedic-All Purpose Pillow

All-Purpose Pillow, with its unique "peanut" shape, can be used as a neck roll, lumbar cushion or leg spacer. It comes with a removable, washable cover with a convenient carrying strap. DIMENSIONS: 13 inches length x 5 inches width. WEIGHT: 1 pound. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Therapeutic Bolster (14-3000 Series)

Medium firm foam therapy rolls with shelterite covers. Sizes: 4 by 18 inches, 6 by 24 inches, 8 by 24 inches, 10 by 36 inches, 12 by 36 inches, 14 by 48 inches.

Therapy Bolsters And Stands (Models Cb13 To Cb16 & Cb20)

The Therapy Bolsters and Stands are cylindrical therapy rolls for development of balance reactions, postural alignment and trunk rotation with individuals with neurological or balance disabilities. The bolsters are made of washable vinyl covered foam wrapped around a firm core. Carrying straps are attached to each end. The bolster stands are made of wood. DIMENSIONS (Diam x L): Model CB13 is 4 x 25 inches, model CB14 is 6.5 x 40 inches, model CB15 is 8.5 x 43 inches, and model CB16 is 10 x 50 in

Tumble Forms 2 Raised Rolls (Models 2789A Thru 2789D)

The Tumble Forms 2 Raised Rolls, models 2789A thru 2789D, are therapy rolls designed to offer the positioning options of conventional rolls with the stability of a wedge. They have a flat bottom with tall sides and a curved top to provide a stable base for bolster sitting, side leaning, or prone positioning. Smaller rolls can be used for knee or ankle flexion and cervical elongation. A Velcro strip on the bottom of each roll holds it in place for active or static therapies. DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): M

Tumble Forms Barrel Crawl/ Roll (Model 4163B)

The Tumble Forms Barrel Crawl/Roll, model 4163B, is a cylindrical therapy roll with a hole in the middle large enough for young children to crawl through. The vinyl coated foam construction is designed to increase user confidence and to be safer than metal barrels. The teacher or therapist can gently rock the barrel to provide rhythmic movement. As children progress, they will learn better trunk control as they shift their weight to roll the barrel. DIMENSIONS: 22-inch outside diameter; 11-inch

Tumble Forms Rolls (Models 2794A Thru 2794J)

The Tumble Forms Rolls are therapy rolls, models 2794A thru 2794J, are designed for use in rolling or rocking movements, positioning, and coordination training for people with physical or neurological disabilities. These bolsters have a solid core to prevent bottoming out (except the 4 inch size). The rolls have the seamless, urine resistant, and washable Tumble Forms coating. DIMENSIONS (H x L): Model 2794A is 4 x 24 inches; model 2794B is 6 x 24 inches; model 2794C is 10 x 36 inches; model 27

Ucs Plug-N-Barrel

The Plug-N-Barrel is a balance roll designed to enhance mobility skills for toddlers with a physical disability. This equipment can be used in pre-school, day care, special education and physical therapy. It is designed for many uses including: rolling over the plug; crawling through the tunnel; or seting up an obstacle course. The Plug-N-Barrel is fabricated out of 21 oz. vinyl coated nylon fabric and high density foam. DIMENSIONS: Barrel measures 30 inches long with a 22 inch diameter, plug m

Valu-Form Rolls And Valu-Form Wedges From Tumble (Models 2699A/b/c & 2700A/b/c)

Valu-Form Rolls and Valu-Form Wedges model 2699A/B/C and 2700A/B/C, are positioning wedges and rolls designed for use in positioning children and adults with physical disabilities or for use during therapeutic activities. The Rolls are designed for rolling or rocking movements, positioning, and coordination training. They feature a solid core to prevent bottoming out. The Wedges have a versatile shape for such gross motor activities as walking uphill or downhill, tumbling, or rolling. They may a


The Yogibo ZippaRoll is filled with uniformly sized polystyrene beads that work hand-in-hand with the special lycra-cotton blend cover. This combination of bead and fabric allows the Yogibo ZippaRoll to conform to the contours of a user's body. The Yogibo ZippaRoll also unzips to a flat pillow in seconds. In this form, the ZippaRoll can also be used as a cushion, back support or pillow. It can also be used as a positioning support between your knees or to use as a cushioned head rest. DIMENSIONS

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